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What Does Becoming A Firefighter Entail?

It is the dream and aspiration of many youth in becoming a firefighter. This requires a lot of solid physical strength and an equally powerful mental attitude to make this dream a reality. Not all who venture into it complete the process. A good number of those who complete the process and become fire-fighters eventually quit the job. The reasons behind this have been attributed to the ominous training process which requires both brain and muscle force.

The Requirements For Fire Service Recruitment

The requirements for fire service recruitment vary from one region to another but there are a numerous similarities that exist regardless of where the department is located. For a long time, fire fighters have been mainly involved in the putting out of fires and undertaking rescue operations. This has since changed and today they are required to do much more. In many places in the world, they will be seen in places such as road accident scenes, chemical spillage sites and so on.