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Applicant Information Guide 2017

Introduction Introduction Thank you for your interest in becoming a CFA career firefighter. CFA encourages women and men from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds to apply for this role, which involves protecting lives and property alongside our 55,000 volunteers.

Physical Assessment Test PAT Guide 2017

Introduction Introduction Firefighting is a physically demanding occupation. There are periods of intense physical exertion interspersed with long periods of downtime. The combination of stress, heat, repetitive physical activities and adrenaline can cause extreme physiological changes within the body.

Female Firefighter Recruitment Australia

Female Firefighter Recruitment Australia Below is a collection of thoughts comments and tips from some of the female firefighters that have been recruited and attended the various fire service training colleges over time. This is a good resource for Males and females. Some of the names have been changed for privacy reasons Martine: It’s a […]

Fire Service Recruitment Fitness Tests

Good day guys! Brent Clayton here from and today’s subject will be about fitness testing for fire service recruitment around Australia, in particular the beep test. I wanted to cover the beep test today because I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about it. In particular in relation to the New South Wales fire […]

WA firefighter recruitment 2015 – Recruitment Update

 Brent Clayton from with a fire fighter recruitment update for Australia, July 2015. What we’ve got this month is the Western Australian Fire Service Recruiting for Fire Fighters or the DFES as they are also known. WA firefighter recruitment 2015 will start on the 17th, Friday the 17th, so if you’re looking at getting […]