2019/2020 Victoria Fire Service Group Assessment: Tips and Insights

VIC Group Assessment

VIC Group Assessment



Hello firefighters!

I have been getting a lot of inquiries regarding the 2019/2020 Victoria Fire Service Recruitment Campaign’s Group Assessment component on our Facebook Group. Hence, I have decided to make a short video and share it with everyone. Please watch it below.



Hey there!

Brent Clayton here from firerecruitmentaustralia.com.

And today, I just want to answer a question — there’s been a lot of conversation going on about the Group Assessment for the Victoria Fire Service (CFA/MFB) for this upcoming recruitment.


2019 Victoria Fire Service Group Assessment


So basically, to answer the question or to give you some context, the idea is to have a think about why they have a Group Exercise. So, what is it that they’re trying to assess in you throughout the Group Exercise?

From my viewpoint, it is how you interact with people, how you present yourself and that you’ve got the ability to work effectively within a team. So, if I was going into the Group Assessment myself currently, I’d make sure I had a really good introduction based on my previous life and work experience. I’d make sure I’ve worked on that so it’s a really good intro if you get asked for an introduction.


2019 Victoria Fire Service Group Assessment


And bear in mind, if you’ve got a task that you have to complete as a group, it doesn’t really matter what the task is. You’re not going to have a real advantage by knowing what the specific task is. It’s about knowing how to interact with a team and you know, not be overbearing or under-bearing and not contribute. Get a think about if you find yourself in a leadership position that you facilitate other people’s participation and that you get ideas from the group so that you can contribute to a positive team outcome.




So, that’s just a bit of context on the Group Exercise or Group Assessment that Victoria is now again running this year. Hopefully you found that helpful. If you have, give us a thumbs up below. If you have got any questions or comments, pop them below this video. And, if you found this helpful and you want further updates, make sure you’re subscribed to my channel.

Cheers and I’ll see you later!





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  • 2019-02-12

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