4 Keys To Improve Your Aptitude Score

4 Keys To Improve Your Aptitude Score Rapidly

In today’s episode, I’m going to talk about the four things that you need to do in order to be able to improve your score in any aptitude test for the fire service and any aptitude test in general. We’ve been seeing unbelievable success with our membership coaching guys as well as the guys that have been using our aptitude services so I thought I’d run through the four keys that we’ve been using with those guys to get those results so that you can you go and use them for yourself.

  1. Have the right question types. When I say that I mean, if you’re applying for Queensland Fire Service, you need to have the types of questions that they’re using. If you’re applying for The Metropolitan Fire Brigade in Victoria, you need to have the type of questions that they’re using. It doesn’t really matter. You need to have the right questions so that you can practice on what they’re using in order to measure your aptitude. So you can be expected to improve if you’re using something that you’re not getting tested on. So that’s the first one.
  2. Having a process in order to find your biggest opportunities for improvement. So you can quickly find them and then really get an improvement in the best sport. So not wasting your time with stuff that you’re okay at, finding what your biggest improvement opportunity is and then capitalising on that. So that the second key.
  3. Having the right guidance when you come up, you know, against an obstacle or you’re really struggling with a particular type of question or a another way a type of question is asked. So having the right guidance to show you how to improve on that. So if you don’t have the right guidance, you basically never get over that hurdle and be able to improve or you’ll just think that you can’t improve. So that’s the third one, real important there.
  4. Having a test taking strategy. It’s all right to be able to figure out a question in five minutes or however long it takes you, but you really need a strategy in order to take the test. Someone with a really good strategy with less ability will be able to get a better score a lot of the time than someone that’s able to figure out more questions but with less ability. Taking a test is often a lot different than sitting down at your kitchen table in your computer and going through test questions. So you really need to have a strategy in order to approach the test and get a better score.

So the first one was, you need to use the right questions. The second one was that you need to have a process in order to find your biggest opportunities to improve on your score. The third one is that you need the right guidance in order to overcome any hurdles that you might have. The fourth big key is that you need a test taking strategy. So you need a strategy in order to approach the test.

So I’ve got a question for you, out of those four keys that I’ve just shared with you, which one has been most missing for you? If you can leave us a comment below this video, we’ll continue the conversation down there.




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  • 2018-07-19

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