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Lead Magnet – Interview Decoder

craft the perfect answers to ace your Interview Panel! 95% of Firefighter Applicants Won’t Get Past the Interview. Here’s How to be in the Top 5% You’re about to discover the only formula you’ll ever need for crafting answers that make you a hit with your Interview Panel DOWNLOAD The decoder NOW THE TOP 5%Use […]

  • 2020-09-16

Australian Fire Services: Crucial Interview Tips

fire service interview tips

Australian Fire Services: Crucial Interview Tips Hi everyone! The Fire Recruitment Australia Team hope you’re all doing well and thought we would give you some interview tips. As fire recruitment takes a pause while Australia and the rest of the world are dealing with the Coronavirus outbreak, the team has compiled 5 crucial interview tips […]

  • 2020-04-07

How to Stand Out and Succeed In The Interview

firefighter interview tips can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: How to Stand Out and Succeed at Interview || Fire Recruitment Australia (   How to Stand Out and Succeed In The Interview   Hi there! Brent Clayton here from Fire Recruitment and what I’m going to share with you today can literally save you 12 […]

  • 2018-10-22

CFA Firefighter Interview Tips

CFA Interview Tips

CFA Firefighter Interview   We encourage you to continue with your own individual preparation which should not just centralise on the interview component of the recruitment process. Remember final decision are made on whole of application performance – not just the interview alone. Interview Tips: It’s difficult to prepare for a behaviour-based interview because of […]

  • 2018-07-05

Fire Service Application & Interview Tips

 Today I’ll be talking about the application process for Fire Services around Australia and also your interview preparation as well. It’s a pretty simple tip. Get your hands on the position description for whatever fire service it is that you’re applying for. Have a look through it carefully. Look at the Key Selection Criteria […]

  • 2018-05-29

Fire Service Interview Fundamentals

 The subject I’ll be talking about today is the interview process for Fire Service Recruitment in Australia. I’m going to cover off two subjects. The Types Of Questions Asked Why these types of Questions are Asked. The types of questions that you’re likely to get asked during the Fire Service recruitment process are behavioural […]

  • 2018-05-21

Preparing For Fire Service Interviews in 2018


Fire Service Interviews Preparing in 2018 – How To Get Prepared and land in the top percentage Fire Recruitment Australia Podcast  Applying for a Fire Service Position & Preparing for the interview : How to get the edge   This episode, Brent takes a seat in the guest’s chair and journalist and fellow podcast […]

  • 2018-03-03
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