A Guide To Firefighter Recruiting

The Australian City Council has concluded that the number of permanent firefighters will need to be doubled over the next few years as a result of an ever growing population and climate changes. While there is a rise for the need in firefighter recruiting, budget cuts and limited jobs as a result of government initiatives will affect such opportunities. Analysts are predicting a difficulty in future abilities to combat deadly bushfires as a result of limited staff.

Changes in government have seen an increase in budget cuts affecting research and firefighter job opportunities. A decrease in available funds means that there is a reduction in the ability to proceed with advancements in technology and science that could assist in more effective and efficient methods of controlling fires. Without the necessary funding, it makes recruitment processes more difficult with fewer staff available to assist when disaster strikes.

Recent research has revealed that the context within which the fires occur in Australia is changing and making it incredibly hard to keep up with the demand. Since the early 1960s, experts have noted a doubling in extremes of temperatures particularly during the hot summers. This means that risk of forest and widespread fires is on the rise and the ability to control the extent of the damage increasingly difficult.

The southeast and west regions of Australia have experienced particularly dry periods in the last few years without any signs of these conditions improving in the near future. Farms and homesteads that are located near low lying bush areas are at risk in dry and hot weather because of the fast spread of fires in such environments. Researchers predict that such temperatures are likely to continue to soar and requires government initiatives to curb or manage the problems.

By the year 2030, the City Council requests a doubling in the number of firefighters that should be available to manage blazes that occur across the country. The risk for bushfires and the rise in the number of people living in extended regions requires that more trained staff is made available to cope with the nature of these outbreaks. Unfortunately government cuts and budget constraints have made the recruitment process difficult and slowed down considerably.

Short term intervention has focused on improving the number of firefights in disaster risk management. Departments require additional resources in order to assist with the number of blazes that have occurred in designated areas. Recruitment freezes have made it increasingly difficult to designate funds and train staff.

Measures including environmental assessments need to be performed to determine the best possible intervention. Funds are required to create more job opportunities in the fire department. These steps are the only means of ensuring that disasters are prevented and best managed one it develops.

Recruitment for firefights is needed in Australia particularly during the intense heat of the summers and dry periods in bush areas. Highly skilled persons who are physically and mentally fit are required for the performance of such activities. While permanent professionals are needed, it is dependent on government to make funds available for such requirements.

There will be more recruitment to come, we are just in a sluggish patch at this very moment, Position yourself to be on the next recruit course now. take action now and you will be rewarded as the firefighter recruitment phase picks up later into the year.

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Brent C

Brent C

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