ACT Firefighter Recruitment 2016

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Brent C from fire recruitment Australia with a firefighter recruitment update for 2016

ACT fire service will be recruiting firefighters this coming February

So if a career with ACT Fire & rescue is something you have considered, now is the time to start preparing.

ACT firefighter recruitment 2016 will kick off in February this year 2016, This is a massive opportunity for all aspiring firefighters, particularly those who had ACT as their number one choice.

If you have a particular component of the process you are needing to tighten up or improve now is the absolute latest I would be looking to start getting these things sorted out.

Whether its the fire service application, the fire service interview process, the aptitude or cognitive test you need to work on Or your fitness commit to doing it now otherwise unfortunately you may fall by the wayside as the ACT firefighter recruitment 2016 campaign will be as fiercely competitive as ever.

ACT firefighter recruitment for 2016 will be looking to get some females onto the course so this will give a great opportunity to those aspiring professional female firefighters whilst making it ever more challenging for the male applicants due to new quota arrangement for firefighter recruitment.

Remember we are here to help you at any stage along your journey and have a number of resources and services that have proven to smash the competition for the last 6 years, I will list a few of the ways we can help you at the bottom of this article.

ACT Fire & Rescue is an awesome organisation to be applying to with as the ACT fire brigade pay rate and conditions are similar to firefighter NSW salary as well as all the other benefits that I think outweigh any pay or condition such as working as part of one of the best teams you will come across. Working within the community in an ever changing environment in a hands on and diverse role.

I am sincerely excited for those of you who are about to embark on what is one of the most challenging recruitment programs in Australia and the world.

I want to leave you with one thought before signing off. If you are planning on applying for the ACT firefighter recruitment 2016 campaign “Commit & Leave nothing on the table”

I hope you have enjoyed reading and gain something from the time spent on this article.

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