Air Services Recruitment Update 2018


Hello firefighters!

Brent Clayton here. I bring you much awaited news from the Aviation Rescue Fire Fighters.

Application for the recruit course commencing in the latter part of this year will open this 21 March 2018!

I know a lot of you have been eagerly waiting on recruitment updates from the Air Services. Now that it’s finally here, let’s have an overview on what’s in store for those who are interested to apply during this intake.

To be eligible for ARFF role you must meet the following minimum standards:



Once you have all the above requirements checked off the list then you are now ready to proceed with your application. Find out what to expect with recruitment below:



I hope the above information has helped provide some insights and ultimately, some guidance on how to navigate this year’s ARFF recruitment.

As always, Fire Recruitment Australia is eager to lend a hand at any stage of the application that you may need help with. Feel free to send us a message, email or chat with us LIVE.

Good luck, guys!



Brent Clayton

FRA Admin

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