Airport Firefighter Jobs In Australia

If you are interested in a job as an aviation firefighting professional, Airservices provides many opportunities. This job is all about rescuing people from danger and protecting property after there has been some type of fire, whether it be from crashes or other incidents. Here is more about the recruitment process for airport firefighter jobs.

The first stage is the advertising portion.

For example, when airports need firefighters they may place ads in local and national newspapers and publications. It is also a good idea to check out the Internet and perform a search for positions in the field that you are interested in.

You also should check the Airservices website on a regular basis, as they may post openings. Once you find available positions you can fill out an application for employment and this can be done online. The best way to insure success is to check all media sources as often as you can, as you never know when a job will open up.

After you have filled out an application, the next stage involves online testing. Applicants must fill out a questionnaire that gives the future employer a great deal of personal information. This is how you find out if you meet all of the qualifications for a firefighting job.

Once you go through the initial testing phase, you do not have to repeat if for a period of one year. This makes it much easier if you need to apply several times within a twelve month period. Your records will be on file and this saves a lot of time.

When you have completed testing, an interview over the phone is next. This is not difficult and you should be as honest and straightforward as possible. Make sure to include any and all past experience.

The next step is physical assessment. You will report to a fire station for this test. The reason for this assessment is to check if you are physically fit and healthy enough to endure the rigorous conditions that firefighters must sometimes face. Applicants will perform a shuttle run and also a number of other physical aptitude tests.

If you are in good enough physical condition you will need to visit an assessment center for more examinations. You will be in front of a panel and they will ask you questions. You also must show that you are capable as working in a team oriented environment by performing teamwork exercises. You also may have to take more online tests as part of your assessment.

A referee check is next and your potential employer will hear from your current and past supervisors. Other sources that you have worked for or been a part of may also be examined. This information is used to check the validity of qualifications.

After references are checked you will receive a complete medical examination. If all these stages of recruitment are satisfactory you may be offered employment. First, you must pass eleven weeks of intensive training in Melbourne for your new and exciting career in the field of aviation firefighting.

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