How to Approach Fire Service Recruitment Tests

How to Approach Fire Service Tests

These are the keys that you need to know to improve your cognitive test and post an excellent score and show you where you can go to get through that and run through some correspondence from the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service and what I think you need in addition to ensure you stand out above the competition.

The Queensland Fire and Rescue Service has said that the assessments can include:

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Abstract Reasoning
  • Spatial & Mechanical Reasoning

These are all the reasoning types that you’re likely to come across during fire service recruitment within Australia but they are very different for each service across the country.

A suggestion is to invest time each day between:

  • Practice cognitive tests
  • Sample tests
  • Free tests

These can be found on the internet.

Time needs to be invested time each day in practicing the test, however I believe you need to practice specific questions to the service you’re applying to. My tip is, find specific questions to the service you’re applying to and practice those every day. That way, effort versus reward is as high as it can possibly can be and you can invest as little time as possible for the best outcome possible. You can be very competitive within the very competitive cognitive tests.

The next thing the QFRS states is that research indicates practicing answers and building up your test experience will increase your chances significantly of obtaining a good store.

This will increase your ability to get a good score – you need to practice specific tests to get used to the types of questions and be in a similar environment that you’re going to face when doing the actual test.

Things you need to avoid:

  1. Don’t just wing it unless you’re a cognitive genius – make sure you research at a minimum the types of questions you’re going to face and the level of difficulty. Don’t just practice any old questions – there are books and websites offering free tests, it’s going to be of minimal benefit.
  2. Have a mechanism to increase your scores in those questions that you’re currently weak at. Figure out your weakness then put things I place to improve on that weakness to turn into strengths.
  3. Test Tasking Strategy – if we know what sort of questions we are going to take, we’ve identified our weakness’ and made them strengths, then we need to look at how we are going to approach the test so that we can get as many questions correct in the time that is allotted. You will be put under time pressure and this is where your preparation in your test taking strategy will really pay off. Make sure you are aware of the environment that the test will be administered in so that you can then practice in that environment or as close as possible – ensure that you are away from distractions and interruptions. Train under test conditions. If you take it seriously, you will get serious improvement.  Once you’ve increased your ability to answer these questions and have a strategy, you’ll gain a lot more confidence and that will compound to allow you to get to the best score possible on the day and move through the next round of testing.

So to recap:

The don’ts are:

  •  Don’t wing it
  • Don’t just practice any old questions

The do’s are:

  •  Know the questions that you’ll be faced with specifically
  • Have A Test Taking Strategy
  • Know the Environment so that you can be efficient and used to it
  • Identify your weakness and make them strengths

If you need help with this, I’ve got a coaching package where you can go and practice specific questions regardless of what Fire Service you’re applying for in Australia. This will save you a lot of time from going around searching – you can just click here and there is an online format that you can follow.



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