Aptitude Testing For Fire Service Recruitment

Today I wanted to talk about aptitude testing for fire service recruitment. I did not realise how hard this part of the recruitment process can be especially if you have been away from academic type activities or you have never had a great deal of exposure to this type of testing. I have written about this subject before but since talking to many people I have been working with a finding out that it is a major issue for many aspiring applicants I have decided to do something about it and offer a solution for everyone that is facing an upcoming assessment and wants to be confident that they will pass this hurdle.

Many people I have spoken with have told me that they have tried all sorts of programs and extremely expensive courses in order to try and improve there aptitude or psychometric test results and that much of it was not relevant or it was very expensive, one option was a course that was close to $4000 which is a lot of money in anyones opinion I would have thought, In saying that if it produced the result I would have been happy but that excludes so many people from accessing the training.

So what I have done is spent the last couple of years working with 2 highly qualified psychometric university lecturers that specialise  in exactly this. We are currently developing a platform specifically for fire service applicants to improve there aptitude score guaranteed, this should be available in December this year, I know that doesn’t help you if you need it right now BUT the other thing I have set up to help out in this regard is personal 1 on 1 aptitude coaching over skype with our qualified psychometric coach. I have made these sessions available at a very accessable price for everyone that is serious about improving. At the moment there are only limited places available at certain times but as this is a new service we are offering this special price for the session until the end of the year. I’ll include a link here for anyone that is keen to get some help in this area.

I’m really happy to be able offer this type of service at such a great price. I really hope those that are dedicated get to make the best use out of this offer and know that they are in the best possible position going into the testing phase of the recruitment.

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  • 8 years ago

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