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Membership Look Behind The Door

I wanted to show you this because I know how hard it is to trust someone you’ve never met. That’s why I recorded this exclusive behind the scenes sneak peek into my membership area for you. JOIN Membership Here In the video I quickly show you the system I am using to help people in […]

  • 2020-09-01

DFES Aptitude Test | DFES Recruitment 2021

dfes aptitude test

DFES Aptitude Test – 2021 onward Hi, in this article I’m going to cover the DFES aptitude test provider as there has been a recent update and we will look at DFES firefighter recruitment for 2020. So the juicy bit first. DFES has changed from Saville to Revelian – Cognify. This is in line with […]

  • 2020-08-14

Australian Firefighter Salary and Negotiations

Australian Firefighter Salary

It’s no secret that firefighting is one of the most challenging — and dangerous — career choices. It takes an exceptional person to put their health and life on the line for others every day. And it doesn’t help that this occupation is becoming increasingly more dangerous and stressful, due to the increasing environmental changes. […]

  • 2020-08-14

How To Pass Aptitude Tests For Firefighters In Australia

Aptitude Tests For Firefighters in Australia

Aptitude Tests For Firefighters in Australia – How To Pass In this podcast, I talk about aptitude tests for firefighters and fire service recruitment within Australia. The main reasons why most people fail this test. Why Do Most People Fail The Aptitude Test for firefighters? If you did not know this, the aptitude test for […]

  • 2020-08-10

Firefighting Career: What Medical Conditions Need To Be Reviewed?

Firefighting Career Medical Reviews

Firefighting Career: What Medical Conditions Need To Be Reviewed If you’re interested in a firefighting career, you need to understand that there are certain medical conditions that could disqualify you from entering this profession. Additionally, there are other conditions that may need to be reviewed on a case by case basis. The strenuous job requirements […]

  • 2020-08-07

ACT Fire and Rescue Firefighter Recruitment

ACT Fire and Rescue 2020

ACT Fire and Rescue Firefighter Recruitment Hello everyone! We are excited to share with you that ACT Fire and Rescue has confirmed that it is definitely opening this month of August, most likely on the 3rd week. Unless they finish all the setup requirements sooner in which case the recruitment date will be adjusted accordingly. […]

  • 2020-08-03

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