Career Paths Once You Have Landed that Firefighting Job

Career Paths Once You Have Landed that Firefighting Job.

One of the great things about a firefighting job is that once you get the job there is an absolute raft of opportunities within the different fire services as far as career paths and roles you can fulfil.

Don’t get me wrong, you still need to do your time coming up through the firefighting ranks, even in the early stage of your career there are many roles and opportunities you can fill.

Wether you have thought about it a great deal or you are just contemplating your approach to landing the much contested firefighting job it is something you should keep in mind.

I will list just a few of the career paths / roles you could pursue once you are in.

– Specialist rescue ie. rope rescue, road accident rescue, swift water rescue & urban search and rescue.

– Fire Investigation, this seems to be a fairly popular role amongst some of the very keen firefighters I know. It is also a very important role within the fire service. I had a chat with one of our guys who is now in the fire investigation unit full time and loving it.

– Management opportunities – as you go through your career you may find your niche within management, it is an area for continuous improvement and allows you to be exposed to a very different side of the fire service and its operation. This can be both on station and off.

– Peer support – this is a role where you help people deal with difficult situations that they have been exposed to that have caused them a great deal of stress and help them deal with it and begin to enjoy work more. A very important role but only suits some of us.

– Project opportunities – there are quite often opportunities to be seconded away from regular station duties for a period of time sometimes years were you can work on projects that are to be implemented into the fire service. these are great opportunities to work on specifics that really interest you or where you have a great deal of expertise.

– Liaison jobs – often a fire service will have a person dedicated to liase with other agencies such as police ambulance etc to ensure smooth delivery of service, although generally for those experienced in their firefighting job as long as you had a clear understanding of the services protocols and direction as well as having great communication skills it is an option available to you if you wish to apply.

– Air Operations – there are a large number of jobs and roles for people to fill in the air wing amongst the fire services, these are normally hotly contested but a determined and passionate person will prevail in my experience. This is becoming a larger part of operations due to the effectiveness also.

Hopefully I have given you some insight into the career paths and opportunities that will be available to you as a firefighter within the fire service. this is by no means a comprehensive list I just wanted to share with you some ideas so you can look at getting a firefighting job as a long term opportunity that can serve many of your interests and aspirations over the length of your career as a firefighter.

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Brent C

  • 8 years ago