CFA Firefighter Application Reopens

Heads up to all aspiring firefighters who want to join the Country Fire Authority (CFA) —A small window of opportunity has opened as the CFA firefighter application reopens.

CFA Application


The CFA will be accepting new applicants starting midday of November 14. This round will only be open to those who have not applied this year. Unsuccessful candidates who have previously applied can have another go in April 2017. Also, the recruitment will end as soon as 250 applications are received so be sure to send in your application as soon as it opens.

The online applications will be followed by the fitness and aptitude tests which should be completed on Thursday, Dec 15. All successful candidates will be part of the 19-week recruit course that will commence after July 2017.

The main requirements include Australian citizenship or permanent residency as well as a non-probationary Australian driving license.

If you need help with anything, be it having your resume professionally written or  getting aptitude tests to study,  just yell out and I would be happy to point you to the right direction.

Feel free to share this post so nobody misses this chance.


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