CFA Firefighter Recruitment 2015

CFA firefighters do a remarkable job of protecting people and their property with the help of volunteers and local communities. Although fire fighting is a challenging career, it is also a career that has a lot of great opportunities for progress and it is also very rewarding to be apart of this job. CFA recruits people from different work and cultural background without any discrimination. However, they look for people who are physically fit, those who have integrity and people who are accountable for their actions. CFA also encourages those who are fluent in more than one language to apply.

All the required training is offered by the company. Therefore, you do not have to have any skills in fire fighting or emergency response. To apply for a job at CFA, you are required to fill an application form on the company’s website. It is however very important to go through all the details on eligibility before applying. This is important because it enables you to know what exactly is required which is important in evaluating whether or not you stand a chance of getting the job. Another thing you need to know before applying for CFA career firefighting is the fact that this job will require you to work in shifts and is emotionally, physically and mentally demanding. You therefore need to be sure that this is a task you will be able to deal with.

CFA firefighter recruitment 2015 schedule is already out. The company has chosen to divide the recruitment into two timelines since the number of candidates is big (1400). The first group of candidates is composed of those who underwent the Challenge and Screening interviews before the end of the year 2014. The group of people who went through the interview will be considered for the May 2015 recruit course at CFA. Therefore, if you are one of the people who got interviewed in this group, you should wait for the company to give you information on whether or not you passed. The other group was interviewed in January 2015, those who went through the interviewed should expect to be recruited in the July and August Recruit Courses. There will however be a final interview once the recruitment has been done as well as a medical exam to see whether or not the candidates who qualified are fit for the job. These are all things you need to be prepared for.

The information sessions will includes details about what firefighter’s roles are and how the CFA volunteers can take advantage of the experience they have gathered during their volunteer time. CFA uses a selection procedure that includes aptitude, dexterity and fitness tests in order to choose the people who qualify best. You should also expect to hear some tips from the training team that will come in handy once you start working as a fire fighter.

Generally, if you are looking to secure a career as a CFA firefighter, it is very important to be attentive in every training session and do your best to grasp the concepts because they play a major role in determining whether you will be a good firefighter or not.

  • 2015-02-20

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