Do I Have The Right Skills To Make A Great Firefighter Recruit?

great firefighter recruit

One of the most common questions I’m asked by those thinking of entering Firefighter Recruitment is “do I have the right skills/experience to make a great firefighter recruit”? Well, first of all, there is definitely no cookie-cutter firefighter.

The Emergency Services community is about as diverse as it gets, especially when it comes to the backgrounds and skills of firefighters.

The latest Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) graduating class had “an interior designer, a professional lifeguard, a physiotherapist, a commercial diver, a youth worker and a builder” according to FRNSW Commissioner Paul Baxter. This is a testament to the broad range of individuals with the skills to successfully complete Firefighter Recruitment training.

Firefighters do much more than fight fires. That’s why fire services around Australia look for applicants with a diverse range of skills and experience. One day you could be responding to rescue calls throughout the State and putting out bushfires and the next you could be involved in community education to raise awareness and help minimise the environmental impact of fire.

What Skills Do You Need To Be A Firefighter?

Firefighting is a challenging profession both mentally and physically – often requiring just as much aptitude for quick thinking in dangerous situations as it does physical determination to get through them. Combine these requirements with the unique work and living conditions of active firefighters and this creates a long list of traits that are necessary for success as a Firefighter recruit.

You will be asked in your interview to show proof of these traits and be able to articulate examples of them. If you are able to clearly articulate these important traits and tie them back to examples personally, you’ll go a long way to showing your interview panel that you not only understand them, you live by them.

The list of traits of successful firefighters is endless, but by understanding and living by the following, you’re already on the right track:

  1. Resilience

Studies have shown that developing resilience skills has the potential to protect firefighters and other emergency responders from the negative effects of stressful incidents and situations. Learning how to process stress is key to building mental resilience, not necessarily the total absence of stress or fear. Firefighters need the mental fortitude to keep going when anyone else would have given up, to go that extra step when you didn’t think you could and back up and do it all over again tomorrow.

  1. Integrity

One of the primary recruitment keys for fire departments around Australia is that they are hiring people with the utmost integrity. Firefighters rely on each other in every way and the community relies on Firefighters in their worst times of need. Firefighters must always represent themselves, their department and their profession to the highest standard of conduct at all times.

  1. Communication

I could fill a series of books just discussing the importance of communication in fire services and emergency services in general. Communication is essential for every aspect of the role you will face in Firefighter Recruitment and in your career as a firefighter – whether you’re calming frightened patients or victims, relaying essential information to your crew or educating adults in fire prevention, communication is key. Some people are naturally better communicators than others, but with training, it’s a skill that can be improved.

The Number Of Female Firefighter Recruits Is On The Rise

In the past the fire services were not considered a viable option as a career for women, a misconception the industry has been working on for years to dispel. Thankfully, many of the barriers that once kept women from the industry have been removed and more and more women are seeing the fire services as their ideal career.

While the total number of firefighters in Australia is still 95% male-dominated, the CFA (Country Fire Authority) noted in 2018’s recruitment drive that there was a 42% increase in the number of females wanting to join the CFA as full-time firefighters.

The CFA thinks some women may be holding back changing careers for a number of reasons and finding themselves stuck on questions such as “Am I cut out for it? Will I fit in? Is it a family-friendly job?” Some of these anxieties about joining the fire services relate to some misconceptions about what the role entails.

But there’s no question about it, now that more women are joining the fire services, the community and the industry are beginning to benefit from it.

According to NSW Emergency Services Minister Troy Grant, the recruiting of more women into emergency service roles has already resulted in positive improvements to the versatility and scale of team capabilities and made a significant impact on the culture of fire services.

So, Do You Have The Right Skills To Make A Great Firefighter Recruit?

It doesn’t matter what your current career is – whether you’re a childcare worker, a teacher, a lifeguard or an accountant; if you’re the kind of person who goes above and beyond, who gets a kick out of helping others, who strives for team success and who loves pushing themselves physically, you’re already closer to achieving your firefighter goals than you realise.

Those are the traits of firefighters that can’t be taught. Fire Recruitment Australia is here to add the learnable and refinable skills that are going to put you into the top 5% of all firefighter recruits.



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