Fire and Emergency New Zealand Firefighter Recruitment

fire and emergency new zealand firefighter Recruitment

Fire and Emergency New Zealand Firefighter Recruitment 2019




This Brent from and today I just want to share some awesome news with you in regards to Fire and Emergency New Zealand. So, we’ve been creating over the last period of time some tests and study material for people looking at jobs with Fire and Emergency New Zealand and not only have we been able to create the tests and study material, we’ve actually seen that yield positive results. I just want to quickly show you through the process, what we’ve got, how that’s worked and show you that we’ve been getting awesome results and I’m absolutely wrapped with this because it’s great to see the fruits of your labor, getting people apply and see the other side!


So, for New Zealand, alright, we’re looking at Fire and Emergency New Zealand here and the firees there and their recruitment process. So I had a few questions coming about New Zealand which is what led me to make these resources for people who are looking to get jobs in New Zealand. They’ve got a Firefighter Talent Screener and the General Abilities test so that’s you know like your cognitive sort of stuff, mechanical and you know, Occupational Personality Questionnaire. We’ve developed training to address each of those tests for New Zealand specifically as well as creating tests for New Zealand as well.


Inside the testing suite, we’ve got a bunch of tests for New Zealand as well and I’m happy to say that as you can see here, one of the guys in our Closed FB Group has got an offer of employment so I won’t leave that open because I want to keep these ones. That’s for him to share but I’m just wrapped that this whole process is yielding  results for us in the first instance just after it’s been released. So what I’m probably trying to say is if you’re looking to get a job with Fire and Emergency New Zealand, we’ve now got really, really good resources for use within the testing platform and behind the membership area so it’s just great to see that people have been using these and it’s worth the treat. So make sure you get yourself familiar with the recruitment process here. I’ve just sort of covered a bit more in depth of those Cognitive and the Talent Screener types stuff that we’ve got really specific training on because it can be very tricky and it’s the sort of the thing that knocks people out. It’s quite similar to Air Services Recruitment as far as that goes but it’s obviously been created by a different company and SHL is the Cognitive side of New Zealand.


So just some info for you there. I’m Brent Clayton this is Thanks for tuning in. If you like this video give us a thumbs up below. Don’t’ forget to subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss any updates and reach out to me via Facebook. I’m always on the messenger there if you got a questions or just send us a message via our email or just leave a comment below the video and I’ll get back to you there. Thanks for tuning in and I’ll see you next time!




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  • 2019-07-25

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