Fire Service Application & Interview Tips

Today I’ll be talking about the application process for Fire Services around Australia and also your interview preparation as well.

It’s a pretty simple tip.

Get your hands on the position description for whatever fire service it is that you’re applying for.

Have a look through it carefully. Look at the Key Selection Criteria and Key Result Areas and they’ll be specific things in there such as administration duties, working as part of a team, working in a diverse environment and what you need to do is think about different times where you’ve shown that you can demonstrate these abilities and incorporate that into your application and into your interview when it comes about if you get to that stage.

On our site *insert direct hyperlink here* , we’ve got some guides that can help you with that including expert help on your resume and cover letter to ensure you have everything up to the most accurate representation of yourself and a standard which is ready to go to apply for a fire service position. We’ve had some great results with this.


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