Fire Service Aptitude Course – 1 Day Intensive Pilot

Fire Service Aptitude Test Opportunity

Hi Guys, I have secured an Industry guru that has agreed to run a 1 day fire service aptitude intensive for up to 15 of my clients as a pilot course. During the 1 day course Ben will be covering:

1. Techniques & strategies on how to approach fire service aptitude tests
2. Test time management & stress reduction
3. How to approach specific questions & pass the first time
4. the exact types of questions you can expect on the day
5. One on one help for questions you are struggling with ( bring your own questions along and Ben will show you how to approach them )
6. Mental models for question types

I will be there for Q&A  as well as covering the fundamentals of fire service recruitment from services all around Australia. If you are to get a spot on this pilot course you will have an opportunity to operate under test conditions as well as review your approach and improve on it with the new techniques learned from the day.


Here are some of the results we have been seeing in NSWFB recruitment nswfb fire service tests             I have Included a short BIO from ben as well as he’s framing of the day below. For anybody seeking a career in the Fire Services, but concerned about the entry Psychological & aptitude Assessment? Why not come to the Fire Recruitment Australia – Fire Services Preparation Pilot Program in Melbourne on Saturday 13th June. The program includes: Problem solving techniques – how to answer the verbal reasoning, mathematical reasoning and mathematics questions Examination strategies – how to achieve the highest score possible in the allocated time Reframing your mind set and focus – how to avoid choking when under pressure for the test Come and learn from your peers, yourself and your facilitator. The program is facilitated by Ben Barrow, an MBA qualified general manager, professional coach and entrepreneur who has simply done too many of these tests. I have priced this course just to cover costs so that i could give everyone an equal opportunity to attend on the day, If I can secure Ben for courses down the track the cost will be at-least double so this is a great opportunity to invest in your ability moving forward into a career with any fire service around Australia. If this sounds like something that would help you quickly book yourself a seat for the 13th of JUNE


I hope this has been helpful, If you live in another state and can’t make the day we can also help you out with 1 on 1 aptitude coaching at… If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or email me, If you know of someone this could help please let them know. Cheers, Brent

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