Fire Service Aptitude Test Australia

I am Brent Clayton

And today’s topic will be about aptitude testing for fire services within Australia.

What I wanted to share with you today is the different places that you can get some good practice in order to improve your score in regards to aptitude testing for fire service recruitment within Australia.

One of the things I have found lately which is a particularly good resource apart from the professional coaching that we offer, is air service Australia Fire recruitment. Their recruitment happens a number of times a year, and you can sign up on their website to get alerts when their jobs are coming up. So if you are to apply for a job within the fire service, not only do you get the added experience of going through the process, you also get exposed to the aptitude test on your way through, this is a good way of getting free exposure to industry specific questions and improving your score on them. You get exposed to the actual test in the format that you will find when you go through the specific service test that you are applying for. So go on and have a look at air service Australia and sign up for the alerts on their careers page. Hopefully this has given you some help on the subject of how to get some value out of this resource and you may even more and a job with them.
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Brent Clayton

Brent Clayton

After becoming a Firefighter, I developed a massive interest in the Fire Services Recruitment and Selection Processes. I've been working since 2007 to learn everything about how Fire Services Recruitment works. I've tested and refined proven methods to help people get the edge over the competition. Today, over 100 of my former students are living their Firefighter dream.

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