Fire Service Interview Fundamentals

Fire Service Interview Fundamentals

G’day, Brent C here from

The subject that I will be talking about today is the Interview process for Fire Service Recruitment within Australia.

I’m going to cover off two subjects for this and the first one is the types of questions I ask you and why, and the common acronym used to respond to these questions without leaving anything out.

The types of questions that the Fire Service Recruitment people will ask you are behavioural-based interview questions, an example of this might be: “Tell us about a time when you’ve been part of a team,” or something like that. The reason why they use this type of questioning is because you show them how you’re behaved in the past which indicates how you are likely to behave in the future.

The most common format people use to answer those questions is known as the STAR technique, the S stands for the situation, T for the task, A is for your actions, and R is for the result. When you’re answering in this format you need to paint of a picture about what the situation was, the task that you were required to do, what’s your actions were, what your actions were not anyone else’s and what the result was out of the actions that you took.

If you need some further examples of types of questions or a more in-depth explanation on how to answer those you can grab a copy of my book, it’s really extensive in there, or the other thing we offer is one on one coaching for the interview process. As it is fairly competitive, I really encourage people to get this done, otherwise do a bit of research and I wish you the best of luck. Thanks for watching.




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