Firefighter Recruitment 2020 Update

Firefighter Recruitment 2020

Here’s a Firefighter Recruitment 2020 update for the first half of this year. I’ve included the fire services that are recruiting, those with upcoming recruitment schedules as well as the process for each service around the country further down the article.

New South Wales or Fire and Rescue New South Wales

They are scheduled to kick off on  July 24, 2020, This is a massive opportunity but will as always be super competitive. So if you’re looking to get on board with Fire & Rescue NSW start preparing as soon as you can if you haven’t already.

The exam provider for FRNSW is Revelian with the addition of Emotify. If this is something you want help with, just let our team know as we have been focusing on Revelian and Emotify and developing tools to help you with these exact tests. I’ll pop a link below the video, click on that to chat.


frnsw firefighter recruitment 2020 process


Victoria under the new banner of Fire Rescue Victoria for the first time!!!

FRV Firefighter Recruitment everyone expected VIC to resume anytime in July or September this year. They rolled out an email a couple of days ago though that the continuation is put on hold due to the COVID situation. Hopefully, it gets better soon! We’ll keep you in the loop for any updates with FRV through announcements in our blogs and on our Facebook page so make sure to like and follow Fire Recruitment Australia.

On another note, the exam provider FRV is using is “Pearson VUE” a relatively new provider after using ACER for a very long period of time. It has taken a bit of work but we have managed to create a large database of “Pearson VUE” style tests so you can be sure you’re practicing the right test in your preparation to get in the service.

Looking forward to the latter part of the year or early 2021, soonest is the best time to start preparing if you haven’t already. There is so much opportunity in Victoria so you don’t want to miss out here.

UPDATE: Starting 1 July 2020, CFA and MFB will only be volunteer organizations. FRV will bring together the career firefighters to serve Metropolitan Melbourne and major regional centers. That being said, an applicant no longer needs to nominate what service they prefer to apply with. The tentative schedule to commence is September 2020 depending on COVID developments. It is due to this health issue why recruitment processes are rapidly and constantly changing. FRV recruitment target recruitment dates are always in February and July.


frv Firefighter Recruitment 2020 process


QFES or Queensland Fire and Rescue.

The usual schedule for the Queensland Fire and Rescue is September yearly. It might be put on hold due to Coronavirus this year, let’s hope not!

The exam provider for QFES is also Pearson VUE. Bear in mind the tests for QLD differ from those that FRV use.


qfes recruitment process


SAMFS  firefighter recruitment 2020 is supposed to be in the 2nd half of this year, this has been postponed due to COVID 19 too.

The exam provider for SAMFS is SafeSelect and Cognify. These are exams we have spent a long time creating resources around. We have re-created the Cognify test to give you exposure to this type of gamified exam should you need it and have also done a lot of research around the psych component of this process.


samfs recruitment process


ARFF is on hold until further notice.

If all goes well with the Corona situation, the Airforce Rescue Fire Fighting Service will commence in the last quarter of 2020; exam provider: SHL. We have over a thousand questions for SHL on our aptitude platform.


arff recruitment process


DFES  is on rolling recruitment

The Department of Fire and Emergency Service West Australia exam provider: Saville and it has been so for the last couple of years now

-        Rolling recruitment means anyone can apply at any time and will just be contacted once need and availability for training classes arise; preference or guidance for who will be contacted have not been established


dfes recruitment process


NTFRS had their recruitment last Feb 2020.

The exam provider of the Northern Territory Fire and Rescue Service is SafeSelect. Optimistically, they’ll have the next one around the same time in 2021

As mentioned earlier, Fire Recruitment Australia has a lot of resources around SafeSelect that are specific to the fire service they’ve been used for. Once on the aptitude platform, look for the NTFRS folder to see the relevant ones.


ntfrs recruitment process


ACT recruited last Feb 2020.

As per ACT, they will be recruiting steadily over the next one to two years. Hopefully, ACT stick to the same schedule next year. Their exam provider: ACER and we have thousands of practice questions for it on our Aptitude Platform.


act recruitment process


TFS recruitment has been put on hold due to Corona and budgeting issues.

However, rumor has it that they might resume in the first quarter next year. We’ll keep you posted as soon we have more information. Their exam provider: SafeSelect + Cognify. Again, we have created Amplify – A cognitive breakdown of Cognify to help you prepare for it.


tfs Firefighter Recruitment 2020 process


FENZ recruitment is ongoing.

It started from June 1st to August 3rd. Their exam provider is SafeSelect. So to our students who are in NZ, good luck, and feel free to reach out anytime help is needed.


fenz recruitment process


I appreciate you guys tuning in and listening to our firefighter recruitment 2020 updates for fire services in Australia and New Zealand. In this blog, we will include a checklist of updated recruitment stages per fire service and the exercises you will have to perform during the PAT.

So as not to miss out on other important updates, be sure hit like, follow and subscribe to our youtube channel and Facebook page. The fire Australia team also looks forward to having you on our closed group and a part of our membership program. Cheers!



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