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I’m going to run you through the pay rates for all the fire services around Australia or most of them, to give you an idea of what you’re going to get paid as a firefighter. Then I’m going to do an average so that I answers that question broadly, but I’ll go as deep as possible as I can on the data that we’ve got on the sheet behind it. I’ll also put the document up so you can download it if you want all in one spot.

I’ll go through it all so it’s nice and easy to look at the service that you’re applying to and figure out how much you’re going to get paid. These figures are up to date as of, most of them, 2007/ 2008. There’s after those we could possibly get them at this point in time. So each year I’ll try and update this but this is how we’re going to do it for now.

So QFES, a recruit firefighter is currently getting 2555 bucks, that’s 89 a fortnight. So times that by 26 and you get yearly wage. And the classification firefighter 2651 should match out the gates. So that’s per fortnight. SAMFS pay rate as of 2004 down through to 2017 is as written in this document here. So you’ll have to download that one to get that. DFES or WA Fire Service pay rate as of 2006 down, so these ones will be old but you’ll get an indicative idea. So trainee firefighter 69,000 per year which is probably the highest in the country I reckon, just off the top of my head. So 70 grand a year as a trainee. Goes up to 76 when you stop being a trainee, so a fifth class firefighter. First class firefighters are known to earn to a grand which is pretty good. Semi-firefighter, 95. Station officer, 107. SO, 211. Area officer, 121. Right up there, Chief Superintendent at 150 grand. So that gives you a really good idea across the board of where you’re going to start. I’d say their starting wage is probably a higher one in the country. So you can earn anywhere from sort of 60 grand to 150 in the fire service as a base rate.

The next one is the pay rate for Fire Rescue New South Wales as of February 2017. So a recruit firefighter weekly rate of pay from the 16th of Feb will be 1207 bucks a week. So times that by 52 and you get the idea. Right up to the inspector and he’s getting 2300 a week. So when you’re a qualified firefighter it goes up to 1500 with Fire and Rescue New South Wales. Big pay rate, so these are just the firefighter levels. I can give you an idea of the other level. So a recruit firefighter is earning 1000 bucks a week. So 52 grand a year. So a little bit less than Western Australia pay rate which is 70, so 20,000 less as a recruit. Then you go on to station and it bumps up to 400 bucks extra a week which probably brings you a little bit closer, right up a qualified firefighter at 1550 which is the same as New South Wales essentially.

Then ACT Fire and Rescue pay rates, that’s another download. I can set up the links there for you, you just have to read that one yourself all in one spot at least. Tasmanian Fire Service pay rate. Trainee firefighter, this is as of 2010 so you can imagine this has gone up significantly, but 41 grand as a trainee. First class firefighter, 55. So I would say this is probably more in line with Vic anyway. That is a pretty old thing but that’s all we could get off their website. ARFF pay rates as of 2007. Let’s say you start as a recruit, what’s a recruit getting? 35 grand. That’s not great, that’s what it is. Trainee firefighter level one, 61 grand. So it increases significantly once you sought of jump on board as a working firefighter. So then leading firefighters 87 which is pretty much in the mix. Then we’ve got a SSO and SO, so substation officer, that’s the difference there. So, SO is actually a higher rank around 100 grand and the controls are 110. So slightly less than average what they have but all the same not too bad.

Northern Territory, all of PFES, you’re going to start off on 64 grand as a recruit. It goes up to 67 and then your classes are between 70 grand and 82 as a firefighter. Then you get standing and leading around the 90 grand mark. Station officers is about 100 and senior station officer 107. So slightly below average I reckon just looking at it. But that’s the general gist of firefighter wages or firefighter salary for the different services around the country.

So if you looked at an average of, I reckon, on the safe side sort of starting around the 50-ish, 55 grand mark as a recruit and then once you qualify looking at 70, 75 grand. So to give you a broad idea hopefully this has been helpful. I’m Brant Clayton this is Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss any important updates and other news and stuff like this.



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  • 2020-01-27

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