Follow These Sure-Fire Tips To Land One Of Those Fire Fighter Jobs

Firefighters are often looked up to for their great sacrifice and contribution to society. We often hear stories on the news, or from people we know about the bravery and selfless dedication of this elite group of people. Many of us grew up wanting to be a firefighter, although not too many actually get to the point of really preparing themselves and eventually applying for position in the fire service.

Of the many firefighter hopefuls who sign up for selection and recruitment every year, only a select number of outstanding individuals land themselves prestigious fire fighter jobs. These are a brave and dedicated group of people who have pushed themselves to the limit in order to meet the criteria set by the fire service. If you’re one of those who have long wanted to land a fire fighting job and are actually willing to work hard and prepare yourself for it, it would be a good idea to read on as I offer some pointers which may serve as your guide towards that quest.

Fire fighter jobs don’t come often, but when they do, you best be prepared to undergo the grueling recruitment process. However, before you get to the point of actually participating in the whole testing process, you first have to make sure that you’ve accomplished all the basic requirements. What are the basic requirements? – you may ask. Well, for one, the basic requirements for the fire service may vary from place to place, or country to country. In Australia, although requirements may vary slightly from one area to another, here’s the list of basic requirements which are consistent through most of Australia:

1. Australian resident status
2. Minimum of 1 year Manual Medium Rigid Vehicle (MRV) license, or 1 year C Class Manual Driver’s License
3. Successful completion of year 12 or the equivalent thereof
4. Current apply First-Aid Certificate
5. At least 2 years of general work history

If you haven’t completed the requirements on the list yet, then it’s time to start working on their completion if you wish to try your luck at getting into the fire service. On the other hand, if you have accomplished everything on the list, then move on to other important things you need to do to properly prepare yourself for the challenges which await you during the recruitment process.

Firefighting entails a lot of physical tasks which cannot be properly performed by someone with subpar physical conditioning. Tasks may include heavy lifting, strenuous physical exertion, running with heavy load, and others. Make sure that you are physically fit and ready to take on these tasks and more.

Equally important is your mental conditioning. Firefighters are subjected to a lot of stress, especially on emergency situations where lives are at stake. You can’t afford to break down during times where people are counting on you the most. You need to be equally strong (or even stronger) mentally as you are physically in order to perform the duties required of a fire fighter.

Lastly, make sure to arm yourself with the right knowledge and understanding, not just of the work expected of a fire fighter, but of how the entire recruitment process works as well. It pays to know what to expect during the selection and evaluation procedures in order to properly prepare for them. Don’t be that physically strong, mentally tough applicant who, unfortunately didn’t make it through recruitment because he lacked knowledge in things that mattered. In this regard, I would recommend looking for a mentor. Someone who has been there and has overcome all the challenges you’re about to face. Preferably, someone who’s still in the force, practicing everything he preaches everyday. I have to warn you though, there are a lot of information on this matter that circulate the web on a daily basis. Make sure to get your information only from a reputable source. Someone with a great track record of helping others get into the fire service and land those much coveted fire fighter jobs.

  • 8 years ago