How to Raise Your Aptitude Test Score 57% ... in 30 Days

Discover how other applicants are boosting their Aptitude Test score by up to 57% while dramatically reducing stress and anxiety ... in less than a month!


  • Access hundreds of up to date questions from the service your applying to
  • Use my bulletproof system to get massive gains as quickly as possible
  • Access to our dynamic testing system and exams based on companies like Revelian, Revelian Cognify & Emotify, Pearson Vue, Safe Select, Acer, Chandler McLeod, Saville, CEB & SHL. We are on to it as far as being up to date, it's a must for the system to work
  • Access my framework for improvement, worksheets and tutorial videos
  • Get access to my "Brains trust" of aptitude tutors, there's not a topic we can't help you improve on rapidly 
  • NOTE: Important - You still have to follow my step-by-step instructions and do the work

What You'll Learn:


This system consistently pushes up test scores and pushes down stress levels ... fast!


You don't have forever to prepare for the test. Here's the best way to use your limited time.


The Aptitude Test is intended to weed out the weakest applicants. These 5 Keys help you
avoid that fate.


Use my Pinpoint Cheatsheet to track and analyze the types of questions that give you the most grief ... and then attack them!

Just some of what you get access to

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The Aptitude Test is the biggest culling tool every fire service in Australia uses to wipe off the majority of the applicants. I’m going to show you a step-by-step process to follow so you know you are going to get the best score you are capable of. Matt was struggling with verbal reasoning. After one hour of explanation and a little bit of practice, he went back and did the test and increased his score almost 20%. That’s what I want for you: fast improvement and forward momentum." Also Matt is a Firey with FRV now

Brent Clayton, Founder & CEO of Fire Recruitment Australia

My Course is proven to boost aptitude scores

Get yours today and build a foundation for your Aptitude Test success

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