FRNSW Recruitment Drive 2020

frnsw recruitment 2020

FRNSW 2020 Recruitment Drive

FRNSW Recruitment 2020

A couple of days ago, FRNSW announced their recruitment schedule this coming July 2020. Amidst the Corona Outbreak, this comes as a very welcome breath of fresh air. It’s comforting to know that the lull has a definite end, at least for some of the fire services. Here’s some important information about the FRNSW 2020 Recruitment Drive.

It’s pleasing to see how much the recruitment page and procedures have improved for this year. The info sessions have always been a good resource for information. This time though, we can find out just as much looking at their Candidate Pack.

The application is divided into six steps prior to graduation.

Step 1: Application Process – FRNSW Recruitment 2020


  • Driver’s license – Must be attached to the application.
  • Targeted Questions – Find out in Membership why targeted questions are important and how you should respond to them. It is also important to note that in the previous years, the questions always revolved around the recruitment theme. This year, it is about “something to protect”.
  • Online Assessments – Cognitive Ability, Work Safety, Work Reliability, and Emotify. To gain experience firsthand and improve your exam scores, work with Fire Recruitment Australia’s Aptitude Platform which mimics the actual testing environment.

 Step 2: Physical Aptitude Test

It’s always encouraged to read FRNSW’s FireFit Guide. They also have video demonstrations of the exercises.


  • Stage 1 – not timed
    • Reduced visibility search
    • Ladder simulation


  • Stage 2 – timed; < 15 minutes
    • Single-sided jerry can carry
    • Stair climb with single-sided jerry can carry
    • Rescue tool static holds
    • Repeated hose drag


  • Stage 3 – timed; < 2 minutes
    • Fire attack simulation
    • Firefighter rescue


Step 3: Merit-Based Stages


  • Targeted Questions Review – A selection panel will review responses of those who made it through the PAT for merit


  • Online Verification – Verification of the ability to pass cognitive and psychometric assessments. Depending on the result, a candidate may or may not progress to the third checkpoint.


  • Interview and Group ActivityInterview will be conducted by 4 different two-person panels. Group exercise is administered to see how well you work with a team.


  • Employment Checks – Includes the following:
    • Reference Checks
    • Conduct and Service Checks
    • Driving History Check
    • Criminal Records Check


Step 4: Medical Assessment


Step 5: Offer of Employment


Step 6: Recruit Training Program

Now let’s talk about Emotify. This is the second year in a row that FRNSW in partnership with Revelian has opted to go for Emotify instead of Cognify. This is most likely because firefighting is a team-oriented role. People with well-developed EI can create and manage relationships better. They can control their emotions, work well with others, empathize on how others are feeling, influence, and inspire people, improve the experience of stress, diffuse pressure and conflict, and enhance decision-making.

In lieu of the above mentioned, it is equally important to study for your Emotional Intelligence exam aside from the Cognitive Ability exam. Most applicants are told to be yourself and that there’s no way you can prepare for it when in fact you can. As a civilian, you can choose to ignore people and their emotional cues. However, as a firefighter that is far from the truth. Facial expressions bear as much weight as verbal communication. If you’re interested to learn more about Emotify, you can find it in our Personality Profiling Course on Membership.

There are still roughly 3 months until the start of FRNSW Recruitment campaign. Fire Recruitment Australia team wishes all aspiring candidates good luck. Until then, stay safe and stay at home!



For updated FRNSW Recruitment information click here

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