How Fire Rescue Victoria Recruitment Will Save Lives

fire rescue victoria recruitment

Fire Rescue Victoria Recruitment

Are you aware of  Fire Rescue Victoria? FRV is a reliable fire and rescue service established in 2020 to settle emergent problems attributed to fire, hazardous chemical spills, road accidents, emergency medical calls, and complex rescues. This rescue organization is dedicated to serving and protecting communities across Melbourne as well as Victoria’s major regional centres and will save lives.

Fire Rescue Victoria employs officials who are highly trained and well-nurtured to respond to emergencies throughout the vicinities of Victoria and Australia effectively. One of the goals of the FRV is to expand the wing internationally. To show you the level of FRV’S zeal, they’ve already partnered with the Country Fire Authority (CFA). The CFA is well known in Australia as a community-based volunteer fire rescue service.

Right now, FRV needs volunteers to train and work with. The handling and sustenance of Victoria’s strong fire and rescue service is in need of qualified firefighters, trainees, and operational staff to meet its demands and achieve its goals.

How Fire Rescue Victoria Works With The Country Fire Authority To Save Lives

The CFA is a community-based organization totally staffed by volunteers. Victoria’s 1,220 volunteers from CFA brigades will receive support to continue the function of protecting their communities. Volunteer CFA firefighters will also offer vital surge capabilities for major fire outbreaks, especially bushfires.

FRV acknowledges that all the CFA volunteers who serve at one of the state’s regional stations are able to stay at that station if they so choose. In addition, the CFA keeps encouraging and welcoming new volunteers. A $126 million financing package for the CFA was provided by the Victorian Government. This will go towards critical training and essential gear. This includes:

  • New Training programs. These will provide new training for all volunteer firefighters
  • Trialing essential respiratory protection for volunteers
  • Protective clothing will be supplied for every volunteer who is active and operational
  • 50 new dual-cab vehicles that will have ‘burn over’ defensive systems
  • Funds for new stations. A current estimate is 16 additional stations will be set up for volunteer brigades
  • Support for all brigade that will include counseling and peer support

FRV’s Ongoing Reforms

According To FRV, “The safety of the community and emergency services people remains the government’s utmost priority. The vital community safety work done by our emergency services will continue while the reforms continue“. [1]

Here are some of the listed reforms Fire Rescue Victoria will work on:

A Fire District Review Panel Will Be Established

An independent review panel will be established to ensure that FRV meets the developing needs of the Victorian community. At least once every 4 years, this panel will review the boundaries between fire services and report to the Police and Emergency Services Minister.

After its review, the panel will advise if it feels that impending fire risks mean that the boundaries should be altered or adjusted. In its review, the panel will consider the population, the service demand, and the land use.

Implementation Monitor And The Reporting

Combined, both the CFA and FRV will create frameworks to quantify their move to the new fire service model in Victoria.

They’ll report their performance to the Implementation Monitor, every quarter. Once this information is received, the Monitor will review it and assess just how the CFA and Fire Rescue Victoria are fulfilling their objectives. The report will then be published online.

An important use of the Monitor is assessing the advancement of the CFA and FRV in executing the Implementation Plan that defines those activities necessary to affect the reforms.

Implementation Program

The Minister for Police and Emergency Services will table in Parliament an implementation program that FRV will develop.

The program will involve the following strategies:

  • The way FRV and the CFA will use the set procedures to support important priorities. These priorities were identified in the 2017 Fire Services Statement.
  • Whether FRV and the CFA are financially sustainable. This will also include a proposed plan for long term funding.
  • How all emergency services including Fire Rescue Victoria and the CFA will continue working together effectively.
  • FRV and the CFA will continue to receive operational and management support. This support will allow the CFA to fulfill the objectives. These objectives are set out in section 2 of the Country Fire Authority Act 1958
  • Both the CFA and Fire Rescue Victoria will receive improved training for all its personnel

A Strategic Advisory Committee Will Be Set Up

A Strategic Advisory Committee will be set up. This will provide independent and expert advice to FRV including the following areas:

  • Cultural shift
  • The flexibility and diversity of the Workforce
  • The future of Fire Rescue Victoria and the direction it will take. This will include emerging risks and opportunities
  • Organizational governance
  • FRV’s integration and participation with the wider emergency management industry
  • Additional matters that are relevant to Fire Rescue Victoria


The establishment of Fire Rescue Victoria marks a major milestone for fire rescue services around the country. This will ensure that all our communities are well protected from serious bushfire risks such as those we witnessed in 2019/2020. Not only that, but Fire Rescue Victoria is well set to save lives both in this state and beyond.

Sources: [1]

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