How To Apply For And Secure Fire Fighter Jobs

How To Apply For And Secure Fire Fighter Jobs

Fire fighter jobs are widely sought after given the fact that they offer incredible pay, desirable benefits packages and plenty of vacation time. There is also the thrill and excitement of working in this industry and the good feelings that come from helping others. The application process can be very time-consuming and applicants can be eliminated at any one of the various stages that exist.

Comprehensive testing of an individual’s basic reading comprehensive writing skills and math abilities is normally what happens at the very start. These processes are used to weed out those individuals who do not have high school level skills in these subjects. In some municipalities, however, it is currently necessary for those who apply for these positions to have some college or an Associate’s degree.

Those who do well in this initial exam can proceed to the next stage of screening. Usually, however, given the limited number of positions that exist in most locales and the large number of applicants that normally show up, many of the people who pass will be placed on a waiting list. As new positions open, these individuals can then proceed through the next levels of the hiring process.

Before investing money into training recruits, most hiring parties will make certain that these individuals are both mentally and physically capable of handling the related tasks. Thus, it will be necessary to have a full medical exam performed so that they doctor can provide clearance. This examination will also include full drug and alcohol screening.

Another aspect of this phase is the psychological evaluation. This is a test that shows whether or not an individual is mentally and emotionally stable, capable of making good decisions under pressure, loyal and honest. It is usually a series of many different questions that sound quite alike. The variations in the wording, however, could cause people to alter their answers. There are no right or wrong answers, however, the sum of your responses will allow a computer system to generate an informative psychological profile.

After having passed all of these testing processes, recruits will be deemed worthy of entering into the local fire academy. Here they will take on a rigorous mental and physical training program. Because these individuals will soon be acting as first responders to emergency scenes, they will need to learn both first aid and CPR for adults, children and infants.

They will also have to learn all about fires and how these are fought safely. They will work in groups and learn about protecting and watching out for themselves and fellow team members. This is also a time for people to start physical condition, including various events that require them to run while carrying heavy firefighter equipment and hoses. Although they have made it thus far, without being disqualified, underachieving recruits can still be excused.

Finding and getting fire fighter jobs can obviously be a major challenge. These professionals are responsible for saving lives and thus, it is no wonder why the screening practices are so intensive. Those who truly want to enter into this field, however, have a good chance of doing so by simply being patient and making sure to stay physical fit.



  • 8 years ago