How To Become A Firefighter

There are a lot of people who want to become firefighters, making the field quite competitive to get into. The selection process is also quite demanding, meaning that you have to be determined and committed if you want to get recruited. Even though firefighting is a dangerous job, it is rewarding too. If you do your research and know how to become a firefighter, then you will be prepared and increase your chances of being recruited.

There are minimum requirements which you should meet.

You need to have attained the minimum age required. This will depend on the State you are in. This may be eighteen years or twenty one years. In addition, you should have completed your high school education. It is also important to have a driver’s license. Your driving record should be clean.

You need to be physically fit at all times. This is because the job is quite demanding and will require that you be in your best form, as you will be working under extremely stressful conditions. Exercise on a regular basis. You can train from home or you can join a gym. Make sure that you are in good health. This requires that you eat healthy meals on a regular basis and that you have good sleep patterns. This will help you pass the compulsory medical exam.

You will have to pass a background check. You should not have committed any criminal felonies in the past. The fire department will also carry out an extensive search to ensure that you do not have a history of drug abuse or traffic issues. They will also check to ensure that your educational background and certificates are valid. The referees you provided may be called and questioned.

You have to pass a written exam. This is to evaluate your mental capabilities. For you to pass the exam, make sure that you study. Most of the questions asked will require common sense to answer. To get an idea of the kind of questions you will get, check out some online programs, which will help you to prepare. During the test, take time to understand the questions, so as to answer correctly.

Join a fire academy or a fire training program. You will be required to complete coursework, participate in practical lessons and pass exams at the end of each semester. You will train under the supervision of an expert and learn how to handle real life situations.

Gain some hands-on experience. This will require that you undergo an internship with a fire brigade after you have completed your firefighting course. You may or may not be paid for this position. After your internship, apply for a full time position as a firefighter. You may get a job immediately or it may take some time. This will depend on the demand for firemen in the state you are in.

To stay relevant in the industry, gain some extra skills and get continuing education. Some of the skills you should learn include First Aid and CPR training. You can also get paramedic certification or lifeguard certification. You can also take some technological classes. This may help you advance in your career.

  • 8 years ago