Important Information About Becoming A Firefighter

If you plan on becoming a firefighter, there are a few important things to know before you start applying. These jobs are highly sought after and those who secure them take special care to get ready for the application process. Aside from the excellent fire service salaries and benefits, firefighters also have the advantage of providing services that help to save lives. Following are a few tips that will help you obtain one of these coveted positions.

Application Process Takes Time

Applying for these jobs will usually take quite a bit of time. There is a lot that this application process entails, given that these professionals are routinely dispatched to dangerous locations. It is important to remain patient during these efforts and to use every opportunity to increase your physical fitness and learn more about what is required of new recruits.

Background Test and Drug Screen

It will be necessary for all applicants to pass a background test and drug screening. These tests are typically performed early on in the hiring process as they are intended to weed out undesirable applicants before any investments are made in training. People should also be prepared to receive thorough physical examinations in order to ensure that they are in good overall health.

Written Examination

Most cities and counties will begin the hiring process by providing all interested parties with a written examination. This is used to test their basic education skills. Reading, math and writing are a few of the topics that are covered. Test questions are often based off of materials that are covered in high school courses, but it does help to brush up a bit in preparation.

Those who perform well on this initial examination will either be moved forward in the hiring process or placed on a waiting list. This will all depend upon the availability of positions and the number of current applicants. If you are placed on a waiting list at any time, it is essential to maintain a routine exercise program and to keep your health and physical fitness levels consistently high.

Skills to Learn and Develop

There are many skills that people should develop and hone when attempting to become firefighters. Applicants will need to be very agile and capable of moving fast while carrying heavy equipment. They will also need to develop life saving skills such as the ability to perform artificial resuscitation when acting as part of a first response team.

Special Fire Recruitment Agencies

Special fire recruitment agencies can help applicants to get ready for the challenges that they will face in the firefighter’s academy. These companies help applicants to know all about the hiring process and they also provide resources and training programs that people can take part in. Signing up with a good agency is one way to make optimal use of your free time while waiting to rise to the top of a waiting list.

CPR and First Aid Training

Before becoming a firefighter you will also need to obtain CPR and first aid training. This is something that a good recruitment agency can assist with. Because firefighters often serve as part of first response teams to accident scenes, these individuals must be able to address critical illnesses and injuries before victims can be transported to hospitals. Getting these skills early on will help you to become a more desirable applicant.

Brent C

After becoming a Firefighter, I developed a massive interest in the Fire Services Recruitment and Selection Processes. I've been in the fire service working since 2007 to learn everything about how Fire Services Recruitment works. I've tested and refined proven methods to help people get the edge over the competition. Today, over 300 of my former students are living their Firefighter dream.

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