Learn How To Become A Firefighter In Your Area

If you are one of the many individuals who wants to learn how to become a firefighter, there are a few important things to know about this position and the hiring process. This is a public service position and thus, the job requirements and screening process will often vary from location to location, but not greatly. There can also be fierce competition for these jobs, given the fact that they usually include competitive salaries, benefits packages and other perks.

One of the first stages of the typical application process is a basic examination. This will cover many of the remedial skills that are covered in standard high school curriculum. Thus, applicants will need to take tests in basic math, reading and writing comprehension. They are often timed tests and taking in a group setting. Those who pass will usually have many additional steps to complete.

Applicants that score within the top percentile on these tests will be granted access to the waiting list. Positions are usually offered on a first-come, first-served basis. It can take several months or even a year or more in some cities, before a person reaches the top of this list. This is especially true in regions with budget shortages and fire department cuts.

After having reached the top of the waiting list, an applicant will be ready for many more rigorous examinations. These include comprehension tests and physical tests. It is important for the hiring parties to ensure that people are physical fit and capable of performing this job.

There are certain requirements for this position that people do not always anticipate. For instance, it will be necessary to develop or possess the physical ability to run long distance while carrying heavy equipment. As an example, an applicant might need to prove his or her ability to run up flights of stairs or climb a ladder while carrying a fire hose or other tool.

Another common aspect of the hiring process is the background check. It is not possible to hold a position as a civil certain with a bad criminal record. In addition to screening people according to past convictions and other issues, the hiring parties will often require applicants to take psychological evaluations. These are often series of questions that sound very much the same, but which sound quite different. They measure honesty, loyalty and other characteristics that can be vital in this type of work setting.

Beyond these things, people must be seen by a doctor for a rigorous exam. In addition to verifying the overall health of the applicant, doctors may perform urine, blood or hair screening for alcohol and narcotics. If this portion of the pre-hiring process is passed, people could be called to attend a firefighter academy.

As you learn how to become a firefighter in your area, you will discover that both the application process and the early training is extensive. You will have to know everything there is about safely entering and exiting buildings that are on fire. You will also have to learn first aid, CPR and many other skills before you will be qualified to hold this position.

  • 8 years ago