Other Fire Service Applicants are Getting In. What Are They Doing that You're Not Doing?

This video reveals the single biggest risk you're taking with your dream career

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These insights and strategies are effective at the following Fire Services:

MFB firefighter recruitment

Attention Aspiring Firefighters:
Can You Answer "Yes!" to This Question?

My name is Brent Clayton, and I’ve got ONE question to ask you, that I wish someone asked me as a young, aspiring firefighter:

"Are you giving yourself the greatest chance of being selected throughout the Fire Service Recruitment and selection process?"

Take a moment and really think about it ...

Because on average, there are 20 applicants for each firefighter opening. Only 1 out of 20 makes it through. That means you have a 5% chance of getting in during the next recruitment process.

What are you doing today to make sure you'll beat out 95% of all applicants?

​If you're truly serious about reaching your goal then you probably already know you need help. Because the recruitment process is designed to eliminate applicants who fail to prepare.

And that's exactly why I've created this monthly membership option — so that hopefuls like you can connect with me and other like-minded individuals and get ALL the insider information, strategies, and tips you need to put you into the top 5%.

As someone who has personally failed and then passed the recruitment process, I've dedicated the better part of my firefighter career to researching the recruitment process — so that no other aspiring firefighter has to make the same mistakes I made, or experience the same dejection I went through.

Along the way I've had the fortune of making friends with many recruitment and selection process professionals, which has added to my knowledge when mentoring individuals and writing specific guides...

Too many great people are missing out on a career within the Fire Services due to a simple lack of guidance and knowledge. They end up settling for a career that’s merely “good enough.” Is that the kind of life you want until you’re 65? Me neither!

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Sharpen your interview skills with this interactive software, and you'll be on your way to the top 2-5% of interviewee applicants .

Trent MaxwellFirefighter at Fire and Rescue NSW

​I've been a Bondi Lifeguard for a while and we work in some tricky situations in the community quite often, but I've wanted to get into the fire services for a while now. Brent is really helping me to prepare for this with his Fire Recruitment Australia website, I've gotten a lot of information from it. Check it out guys, it's unreal!"

Trent was employed recently by Fire and Rescue NSW.

Kyle v. HeerdenAviation Firefighter

​I found Brent’s website very useful and it offered me exactly what I was struggling to find. His products helped improve and develop my skills in spatial, mechanical and verbal reasoning.These are the skills and traits that helped me to get into the fire service. I definitely recommend Brent’s products for anyone wanting to develop the necessary skills required for the fire service."

Who Can Benefit From Membership?

"Without ANY knowledge of Fire Service Recruitment, or any previous training on how to become a firefighter, with the right tools and the right training ANYONE has a fighting chance!"

In just one example, a friend of mine named Matt came and spent some time with me just recently before he was due to begin his recruitment and selection process. He called me after each stage of the process to thank me and he let me know how accurate the information I gave him was.

He said, "Without your help, I'm sure I would have failed." Matt recently completed his training on the Fire Service recruit course and is stationed just outside of the CBD.​

​And the really amazing thing is that Matt's success just came down to asking the right questions, following simple and easy-to-understand processes, and relentlessly following through.

You're Getting ALL These Proven Resources When You Say YES Today ...

Ask Us Anything

It can be dizzying, trying to absorb all this information and apply all these valuable strategies. That's why Membership + Group Coaching comes with our weekly coaching call. Don't understand a key concept? Ask us about it. Wondering if you should answer the Interview Panel in a certain way? We'll show you what works best. Want to know what you should focus on next? We will guide you. These calls are your chance to ask any questions and get information that's most relevant to you, wherever you're at in the recruitment process.

Application Builder Video Course

Submit an application that brands you as a top, must-hire firefighter applicant.

If you submit a clean, professional-looking Fire Service application, the recruitment team notices. And if you submit an application poisoned by poor formatting, sloppy punctuation, typos, and inaccurate statements ... they notice that, too. But you don't want that kind of attention. The Application Builder gives you a simple 5-step system for creating an exceptional application that puts you in the front of the line.

Aptitude Engine Video Course

Make FAST progress toward Aptitude Test success with our powerful insider secrets and strategies.

Are you worried you might not pass the Aptitude Test? It's true, many aspiring firefighters fail out of the recruitment process right here. But if you turn on this "Engine," you'll replace stress and worry with understanding and confidence ... FAST! The Engine is a proven, 5-step system that rapidly gets you ready for the Aptitude Test. One student started the Engine and improved his Aptitude score by 20% after just one hour of explanation and a little practice. Includes practice tests from each Fire Service.

Interview Formula Video Course

Scared of the Interview? Here's your ticket to confident, complete, and compelling answers.

Plenty of today's firefighters failed the Interview their first time round. They didn't prepare smartly and didn't have a plan going into their Interview. Our interactive software and 6-part interview formula gives you proven strategies for SMASHING the Interview. Instead of an interview filled with dread because you don't know what they're going to ask, you'll have a comfortable conversation makes you look perceptive, intelligent, and ... perfect for the job!

Personality Profiler Video Course

Demystify the Personality Profiling Test and learn how to CRUSH it ... in 4 easy steps.

Have you practiced taking a Fire Service Personality Test? The recruitment process tosses out thousands of applicants each year who try to take this frustrating test without proper preparation and practice. This Personality Profiler training gives you 4 crucial strategies to help you approach the test with confidence. An added bonus is an invaluable demonstration through a 138-question test so you can study a proven path to Profiling success.

Physical Aptitude Accelerator Video Course

Don't waste time with training that isn't getting you ready for the Physical Aptitude Test.

I've been surprised by some of the mates who failed the Fire Service fitness test. I could tell by looking at these guys — they'd been working out. And yet they failed. It just proves you have to do the right kind of workouts. My Physical Aptitude Accelerator gives you an 8-step plan you can follow to certain success with the physical test. Watch a fitness trainer doing the most important exercises to make sure you're getting the most out of them.

Firefighter's Recruitment Bundle

Each of the 5 eCourses has a corresponding eBook, packed solid with useful insider information, strategies, and sample test questions. Study these eBooks, follow the plan, and you'll find your spot among the top 5% of Fire Service applicants on the next Recruit Course!

Carve Your Own Path

No two people are the same, so their preparation shouldn’t be, either. Traditional courses make you learn from a pre-planned lesson guide (if there is one). You’ll learn much faster by charting your own course. Need to focus on the Aptitude Test right now? Then skip the application training, and jump right into the Aptitude course.

Still Have Questions? We Have Your Answers

I know you’ll have questions. That’s why your membership includes access to our online Forum, where you can ask questions anytime and get useful answers from me, my staff, and your peers. You can even post images and videos to get feedback you can use.


Do you want to approach the recruitment and selection process with confidence that's like a trickling garden hose ... or a gushing fire hose? One of the most powerful side effects of all this training, practice, and preparation is the confidence that you know what you're doing and know how to beat each test. And if you can pass our courses and earn our Certifications, you are ready for the tests.

Money Back Guarantee

Your membership comes with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. Take 30 days to read the books and complete the courses. If, within the first 30 days, you've read the books and completed the courses, then decide these resources are not working for you, just send me an email to let me know. I’ll send you a prompt and courteous refund.

These insights and strategies are effective at the following Fire Services:

MFB firefighter recruitment


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Just letting you know that my son was accepted into the Fire Brigade, thanks to your very helpful book. He is only 20 years old and this was the first time he applied. I bought this book for him a while ago because he had always talked about trying for the Fire Brigade but doubted himself a little. Thanks again for all your advice in the book. He read all the sections and prepared himself for the tests and the interview which really paid off for him.

Robbie Solah

I thought I would let you know that after two and a half years of hard work and persistence, with help from My Emergency Career, I just got offered a position in school 76 with DFES Western Australia. I’m bloody wrapped!

Thank you for all your help and information, it really paid off.

Thanks again mate

Bob Innes

Hope all is well, mate! Haven’t touched base for a while – I bet you are flat out during this phase of the recruitment process for NSW. Just want to say thanks for the tips and advice so far.

The book on Aptitude Coaching and various other positive reinforcements have had a big impact on me so far. I completed the first online test and I was pretty bloody happy with my results – I am just holding my breath now for the invitation to the second online test.

First time in three years I feel confident about the recruit campaign!

Mark Watson

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Membership is ideal for you if you want to become a firefighter as soon as possible, because you also get:

  • Direct access to my entire team of recruitment experts in the membership team room AND through weekly live, interactive group coaching and strategy sessions — where you get answers to ALL your questions.
  • ​80% of the Aptitude Test questions — for the exact Fire Service where you're applying — so you don't waste any time or effort preparing for this difficult test.
  • Insider secrets and strategies that give you a huge advantage over your competition. This information makes ALL the difference.
  • ​Proprietary Interview software that lets you record your answers to actual Interview questions. You can keep reviewing and refining your answers until you're ready to approach your Interview Panel confidently.
  • Premium resources not available anywhere else.

There is NO magic pill for becoming a Firefighter overnight.
And there never will be. But you'll get there so much faster if you work hard and follow our proven path to success! 


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What You'll Get:

As a member of FireRecruitment Australia, you'll receive instant access to:

  • 5 eBooks that show you exactly what to expect during each step of the recruitment process
  • 5 eCourses giving you proven strategies to beat each test in the recruitment process
  • 5 quizzes (1 per course) which, if passed, earn certificates that prove your credentials
  • Downloadable templates and resources
  • Proprietary interactive Interview software
  • The members-only online Team Room
  • Weekly group coaching calls if you purchase Membership + Group Coaching
  • A 30-day money back guarantee

Plus, after you complete any two eCourses and pass the quizzes, you'll be eligible for a free "911" coaching call with me. After completing two courses, you'll have a deeper sense for what you're up against, so you'll really benefit from this private session.

Course Details:


$997 to join, then $97 per month
For a limited time, basic membership is only $297 to join and $49 per month after your first month. Membership + Group Coaching is $997 to join and $49 per month after your first month





Course Length:

5 eBooks (361 pages)
24 Videos (2 hrs 21 min)

Expected Completion Time:

3 - 4 Weeks

Expected Effort Required:

2 - 3 Hours per Week

Ongoing Development:

2 Hours per Month,
2 - 5 Months

Membership Details and Description

Membership Breakdown:

​Application Builder eCourse

  • Lesson 1: Application Builder Intro
  • Lesson 2: 5 Keys For Success
  • Lesson 3: Implement Application

​Aptitude Engine eCourse

  • Lesson 1: Welcome To The Aptitude Engine
  • Lesson 2: The 5 Point Strategy
  • Lesson 3: Take action!
  • Lesson 4: Using All The Resources

​Personality Profiler eCourse

  • Lesson 1: Introduction To Personality Profiling
  • Lesson 2: Profiling Keys For Success
  • Lesson 3: Personality Profiling Approach
  • Lesson 4: Personality Profiling Blueprint Example

​Interview Formula eCourse

  • Lesson 1: Welcome To The Interview Formula
  • Lesson 2: Interview Formula Key Ideas
  • Lesson 3: How To Use The Interview Formula
  • Lesson 4: How To Build Your Responses

Physical Aptitude Accelerator eCourse

  • Lesson 1: Welcome To The Physical Aptitude Accelerator
  • Lesson 2: Principles Of The Physical Aptitude Accelerator
  • Lesson 3: Exercise Demonstrations
  • Lesson 4: Your Plan

5 eBooks

  • The Process to Success
  • Fire Service Aptitude Guide
  • Inside Personality Profiling
  • The Comprehensive Interview Guide
  • Physical Ability Accelerator

Fire Service Interview Training System software

What You're About To Experience:

  • Community-based training and conversations so you can connect with other like-minded aspiring firefighters
  • Specialized video Lessons, all made to help you achieve a specific outcome
  • Proprietary interactive software that will develop interview skills your competition will not have
  • My step-by step instruction style to make sure you don't miss a thing during preparation
  • Insider detailed knowledge of exactly how each stage works, and the precise step-by-step plan you need to follow to make them work for you
  • 390 Aptitude test questions used by actual fire services so you can identify and fix your weaknesses before it's too late
  • A proven system to prepare for the Personality Test and make sure you understand each question before deciding on an answer
  • The best guidance for your application so you convey your skills to the decision makers from the start
  • Awareness of the most common mistakes that cost applicants the job - and how to avoid them
  • Insights that bust common myths about getting into the Fire Services
  • Strategies that help you make the right impression from the start to the end of the selection process
  • Test-specific secrets to make sure you pass and stand out to the recruitment team
  • Insider tips, 31 specific questions, and a formula to help you answer interview questions correctly
  • Templates and downloads used internally by the Fire Service so you are on the right track from the start
  • Rapid physical improvements so you stand out during the Physical Aptitude Test with endurance, strength, and agility your recruitment team wants to see
  • Lessons and instructional videos that cover specific topics so you don't have to struggle with the generic content
  • My no-risk 30 day money back guarantee
  • And so much more...


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I have passed my characteristics and aptitude, have my fitness and physical in a month, training hard! I have found the interview possible questions very helpful and I am looking forward to hopefully getting to that stage!

Thanks heaps, this is a great idea! Thank you so much for taking the time to design something so helpful! I applied a few years ago and failed the mechanical and characteristics test, I had no idea what to expect and couldn’t find useful, reliable information. So good to see, I hope you are very successful with this!

Ellie Meuwissen

Just wanted to let you know that I finally got into the MFB and have recently started working on shift. Appreciate all the advice and emails you have sent my way because I found the advice and info really helpful and have told friends who are thinking of joining about it. Thank you again!

Michael Goodwin

Just a quick email to let you know that I have been offered a position with the NT Fire and Rescue Service. This was my first time applying and the tips I received from the guidebook were spot on.

Thanks for your help!

Steve Eardley

90% of Aspiring Firefighters Who Use These Tips, Strategies, and Resources Succeed In Landing Their Dream Job in the Fire Services!

By investing your time reading the words I’ve laid out on this website, you've demonstrated your commitment to not being average and ordinary and wanting to do something special in your life.

I wish that during my own time spent learning these lessons, and hundreds of hours of research, I had someone to walk me through this process. Because it’s all the small differences, key knowledge, and insider secrets you’re about to learn here that will make the difference.

I had to learn these processes for myself through costly trial and error, countless hours reading books and internet publications, and conversations with experts, current firefighters, and recruitment specialists. Sometimes I spent hours on the road, just to speak with the right people.

If I added it up, it would easily come to hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars I invested in these resources. But YOU don’t have to make any of those costly errors, or even put in anywhere near as many hours. I've done the work for you!

About Your Instructor

My name is Brent Clayton and I am an active Firefighter. After becoming a Firefighter, I developed a massive interest in the Fire Services Recruitment and Selection Processes. I've been working since 2007 to learn everything about how Fire Services Recruitment works. I've tested and refined proven methods to help people get the edge over the competition. Today, over 100 of my former students are living their firefighter dream.

Before becoming a firefighter I was a Prison Guard for a number of years, and in the military prior to that. All these jobs require a seasoned knowledge of the recruitment and selection processes which I have mastered over the years — being a successful applicant myself in areas where many fail. Along the way, I've had the great fortune of meeting and making friends with many recruitment and selection process professionals who have added to my knowledge. They have been especially useful in learning to mentor individuals and write specific guides to help people reach their goals in these areas.

During my time in the fire service, I've worked within the recruitment process, as a recruit instructor, and worked my way through the ranks on station. It is my passion to find the edge for people, particularly those who have failed before and those who want to avoid wasting time and have their best foot forward.

Train Anywhere, Anytime

Join my program and you'll have access to my recruitment training resources, 24/7.
For as long as you're a paying member, you'll have access to all my materials
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Firefighter Recruitment Membership

Your Premium Membership Comes With...

  • ​Application Builder eCourse
  • ​Aptitude Engine eCourse
  • ​Personality Profiler eCourse
  • Interview Formula eCourse
  • Physical Aptitude Accelerator eCourse
  • The Process to Success eBook
  • Fire Service Aptitude Guide eBook
  • Inside Personality Profiling eBook
  • The Comprehensive Interview Guide eBook
  • Physical Ability Accelerator eBook
  • Downloadable Templates and Resources
  • Community-based Training and Conversations
  • 30-Day No-Risk Money Back Guarantee


  • Potential for 5 Certificates and Accreditation to Prove Your Capabilities
  • Fire Service Interview Training System interactive Interview software
  • Access to the Members-Only Forum
  • Live Weekly Group Coaching Calls with the Membership + Group Coaching option
  • A Free 000 Private Coaching Call after you Complete 2 Courses

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You’re about to learn proven methods you can use to make sure you get a job with the Fire Services.


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These insights and strategies are effective at the following Fire Services:

Try FireRecruitment Australia membership for a full 30 days, 100% risk-free

Here’s how it works. Read each eBook. Complete each eCourse. Try to pass the quiz for each course. Most students can easily read the books and complete the courses in 3 weeks, so I’ll give you 30 days just to be sure.

If you complete these tasks and decide within 30 days that these resources are not working for you, just send me an email, and I’ll send you a prompt and courteous refund. Done.

By the way, I ask you to read the books and complete the courses because I know if you follow the instructions and implement the plans, you WILL see results. You don’t have to have any special talents to benefit from these insider strategies and tips. They work for everyone.

Our members are fiercely determined to become firefighters. They know their membership resources can give them a huge advantage over their competitors. But only if they study and practice and take advantage of every membership resource.

And that’s why I want YOU to read the 5 eBooks and complete the 5 eCourses and start implementing what you learn. If you work for your success, the membership resources will work for you.

"You literally have nothing to lose when you try these strategies!"


Here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions:

What, specifically, will I have when I finish this program that I don't have today?

What if this training isn't a fit, or doesn’t meet my needs for some reason?

How is this membership delivered?

Why should I invest in this training today as opposed to waiting until later?

Can I get access to the training all at once, or do I have to go through it week-by-week?

How long will it take to see results?