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There are 20 applicants for every Fire Service position. You need an edge if you're going to beat out the other 19. And that edge is the insider information, insights, strategies, and plans included in this Bundle.

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I'll show you EXACTLY how each guide works, and the precise step-by-step plan you need to follow to make each one work for YOU...

What it all comes down to is one simple decision: You either want a career as a firefighter or you don’t. If you don’t, no problem. Good luck with whatever it is that you choose to do. But if you’re serious about your career as a firefighter, then you really only have one thing left to do...

​Whip out your wallet, and invest in your future. If you are truly ready to take the next step and fast-track your results, then this is the tiniest investment you can make in your future while still expecting reasonable results. Not to mention you'll have a leg up on your competition — who are probably stuck using the same generic resources available to everyone out there...

“I’m interested in working with people who are committed to success! So, if you’re serious about becoming a Firefighter, then I want to work with you, for both your sake and mine.”

The main difference between people like you and me, and all the others out there, is our desire to do what most are not willing to do. Investing in your future and making a serious commitment is an absolute giant step you are taking to better yourself and have a more fulfilling career.

When You Invest In The Firefighter's Recruitment Bundle, You Will Get Access To:

Proven Strategies

Learn how yesterday's applicants beat out 95% of the competition to become today's proud firefighters.

Actual Test Questions

Access questions used by the fire services, instead of what you get from generic tools out there.

Insider Information

Gain invaluable insight as you peak inside each step of the recruitment and selection process .

Kyle v. HeerdenAviation Firefighter

I found Brent’s website very useful and it offered me exactly what I was struggling to find. His products helped improve and develop my skills in spatial, mechanical and verbal reasoning.These are the skills and traits that helped me to get into the fire services. I definitely recommend Brent’s products for anyone wanting to develop the necessary skills required for the fire services."

Make Your Strengths Work For You

"I'll show you, in detail, EXACTLY how each resource works, and the precise step-by-step plan you need to follow to make them work for YOU!"

In just one example, A friend of mine named Matt came and spent some time with me before he was due to begin his recruitment and selection process. He called me after each stage of the process to thank me and let me know how accurate the information I gave him was. He said “Without your help, I’m sure I would have failed.” Matt has just completed his training on the Fire Service recruit course and has been stationed just outside of the CBD.

​Matt achieved these results using procedures, processes and techniques included in the resources I'm offering YOU. How different would YOUR life be if you get in the first time versus getting in the second time, third time, or perhaps not getting in at all?

My Resources Will Help You...

Be Ready to SMASH IT at Every Stage of the Recruitment Process

The Australian firefighter recruitment process is a tough lesson in "survival of the fittest." Because only the fittest become firefighters. The tips, insights, and strategies in this book ($37 value) will show you how to become fit for the entire recruitment process. From your initial application to the take-out-the-weak-ones Aptitude Test, the demanding Physical Aptitude Test, the maddening Personality Test, and the stressful Interview ... it's all here!

Improve Your Speed and Accuracy to Get Your Best Aptitude Score

If you want to remove the stress and fear of facing this exam, then this book is for you. With 390 sample questions across all 4 intelligence types, you'll find your speed, accuracy, and confidence rise with each practice run. And that matters, because this timed test wipes out more aspiring firefighters than any other test. If you're sick of getting generic tools that promise to prepare you but don't really help at all, then this is what you have been waiting for. Sells separately for $37.

Banish Your Stress and Anxiety, Bolster Your Confidence

Personality profiling can be maddening. The questions seem confusing and repetitive — but it's done that way for a reason. This book explains profiling and gives you 73 test questions that are used to analyze your personality across 5 key traits. Reading Inside Personality Profiling is like peaking behind the curtain of the test that knocks off thousands of aspiring firefighters each year. Don't be one of them. Study and practice so you knock off your anxiety and take the test with confidence. Sells separately for $37.

Show Your Interview Panel The Best Version of Yourself

With thousands of applicants in your group, you need to stand out and leave a lasting impression on your interview panel. This is easier said than done (trust me, I know). That's why this guide will help you:

  • Understand, break down, and analyze each and every possible question thrown your way during the interview process...
  • Formulate a stellar answer, then blow your panel's socks off and make them remember you as the ideal candidate...

Build all the Strength, Agility, and Endurance You're Going to Need

If you want to be a firefighter, you have to prove you can do all the lifting, climbing, and running this job demands. No worries, mate. Physical Ability Accelerator has your back. 40+ page of research, insights, and training plans … from cardio training to strength training … from nutrition to injury prevention … everything you need to know and do is in Physical Ability Accelerator. A $37 value.

Thanks so much for your amazing resources. I’m currently in the middle of the recruitment process for the South Australian MFS and I have progressed to the Aptitude Testing Stage. Going over your tips and example questions have been of great help. Thanks again and all the Best


I’m just on my last day off before I start shift again so I’ve had a great opportunity to read through the bundle. I’m very impressed mate and really happy with the content.

I’ve even been revising my aptitude (even though I’m told I don’t need to re-do it because I’ve passed it on my last application) because I found the book useful and rewarding. Once again, I’m very happy with my purchase and grateful for all your help.


Thanks for checking in, and thanks for putting the package together. So far, I have found it very informative and full of good ideas. I have read through everything, and I will definitely read through it again. It's a very useful resource that I can keep referring to.

Neal Horton

Your Search is Over ...

When you purchase The Firefighter's Recruitment Bundle, you will get

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This is the ONE and ONLY BUNDLE that contains everything you need as an aspiring firefighter.
I've even customized each bundle to meet the requirements of the state you're applying in! 

This is the ultimate resource you've been waiting for.
It has helped over 100 people become firefighters.
And now it's YOUR turn.
Take control of your lifelong dream ... NOW!

* Decision Time *

I'm going to be blunt. If you want to be a firefighter, but haven't invested in your education and training, then ... well, you're not going to make it.
The Fire Service recruitment process is designed to weed out the applicants who do not prepare. This bundle will have you confident and ready in a matter of weeks.
And it's extremely affordable.
So let me urge you to invest in your future right now!

Normally $148.00

For A Limited Time Only $49

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Just wanted to advise you that I got a call back regarding my interview with NSW F&R and I made it!


I've been training really hard for this, both physically and mentally - reading up and researching the job, as well as getting my head into the types of aptitude testing that they do. Your website as well as the books are both really useful!

A lot of the advice you give is similar (if not the same) as what I’ve been given from existing ACT F&R fire fighters that I've spoken to along the way.

It's great to have it all on paper as a checklist and constant resource.

Olivia Bartlett-Marques

Thanks for the personality test booklet! I’ve found it extremely beneficial, primarily due to the breakdown and explanation of the five-factor model. I knew there was a sequence that these types of tests followed and I knew that when completed, you would be categorized – but how that would happen was what I didn’t know.

Having this understanding, I believe will help interpret what they actually want from each question. The recruiters’ case studies were also a handy insight into real life examples. Discussing the pillars and traps was good, my concern in doing these tests was that I would overthink and “trap” myself into a false test.

Reading your paper has highlighted areas I was not aware of and explained thoroughly every section that I was kind of aware of.

So, there is a lot of great information in there.


Do you really want to risk wasting tons of effort, money, and years of your life?

My system has delivered results, tried and tested. More than 90% of my students came to me with zero knowledge of the Australian Fire Services recruitment process. They all ended up landing a job the first time round. 

Even if this isn't your first time applying, my system can make sure that you never feel the pain of rejection again. I've helped students who applied and failed 5 times before turning to me for help - they're all currently employed by Australian Fire Services. 

This can make the difference between progressing or sitting out for another 12 months or more. This really is all you need as an Aspiring Firefighter.

About The Author

My name is Brent Clayton and I am an active firefighter and the Founder of Fire Recruitment Australia.

After becoming a firefighter, I developed a massive interest in the Fire Services Recruitment Process and Selection Processes. Since 2007, I have been working on thoroughly learning how Fire Services Recruitment works, testing ways to help people get the edge over the competition and helping many people do exactly that for services in every state of Australia.

Before becoming a firefighter I was a Prison Guard for a number of years, and in the military prior to that. All these jobs require a developed knowledge of recruitment and selection processes which I have mastered over the years — being a successful applicant myself in areas where many fail.

Along the way I have also had the great fortune of meeting and making friends with many recruitment and selection process professionals who have added to my knowledge. They've been especially useful in learning to mentor individuals and write specific guides to help people reach their goals in these areas.

During my time in the fire service I have worked within the recruitment process, as a recruit instructor and worked my way through the ranks on station. It is my passion to find the edge for people, particularly those that have failed before or those that want to avoid wasting time and have their best foot forward.

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Normally $148.00

For A Limited Time Only $49

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Listen, Mate. I am absolutely certain that if you read these books, practice the tests, follow through on my suggestions, and adopt one of the workout plans I provide, you WILL grow in confidence and you WILL improve your test scores.

But I don't expect YOU to be as certain as I am. So that's why I give you my ...

"You are Fully Covered" Guarantee:

Try My Fire Recruitment Bundle for 30 Days,
100% Risk Free

Go through each of the eBooks. Practice the tests. Start a workout plan. Then, at the end of 30 days, if you don't feel more confident about taking the tests ... if you don't notice an improvement in you strength and agility ... then just drop me a line and let me know. I'll refund your $49 right away.

"90% of Aspiring Firefighters have succeeded in landing a job in the fire service using my Resources & Training.."


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