QFES 2018 Recruitment Update – Changes in QFES Cognitive Test

QFES Supervised Exam

QFES 2018 Recruitment Update – Changes in QFES Cognitive Test

qfes cognitive test 2018

QFES 2018 Supervised Exam – UPDATES!!!


  • What’s a Supervised Test?

  • What happens in a Supervised Test?

  • What do I need to prepare?

Hi there!

It’s Brent C here from firerecruitmentaustralia.com.

I’ve had heaps and heaps of questions coming in regarding the QFES Supervised tests. Because they’ve changed providers this year to Pearson TalentLens or whatever it is — people are just sort of wondering what it is and how it’s sort of going to roll.

So, just my perspective on it — so, Queensland, in the previous few years have done the pre-test and then the supervised test on location. This year they’ve changed from the pre-test and then a supervised test by proctor. So what a proctor does is you have to give them control of your webcam and your microphone basically to make sure you’re not cheating. I’d imagine they’ll be offering a certain number of sessions for the test and you’ll be able to pick which session you attend. This is supposing you got through the first test based on a first-come-first-served basis. That’s the crux of it. Basically, they’re going to have control of your webcam or access to your webcam and your mic so to make sure that yeah — that’s you and that you don’t have people in the background to sort of help you out.

So as far as the difficulty of the tests compared to the pre-test, I would imagine that it’ll be just a little touch harder but in a similar line just like they were previously. So the pre-test knocked over people then the supervised test. The only difference this time being that you don’t have to travel to a test centre which is good for everyone!

Hopefully that gives you more context into the QFES Supervised or Proctored test the year. Anyone that’s in on it or you know is waiting to hear of it, I wish you the best of luck.

I’m Brent C. This is firerecruitmentaustralia.com. And, I’ll talk to you soon!






Hi there!

It’s Brent C here from firerecruitmentaustralia.com and I just wanted to do a real quick video for you in relation to the Queensland Fire Service’s current recruitment drive and them changing test providers.

So the QFES has changed their test provider this year which is a bit unfortunate because it means that we’ve got to get on board and start making some new test questions so that our members, etc. have the best stuff so that when the supervised test comes up, they’ll smash it!

So, I just wanted to let you know that’s changed to a company now called Pearson TalentLens or something like that and we’re currently creating the test questions that come from Pearson TalentLens which you can access via Support currently or in your membership in the next sort of week.

So you’ve got the current QFES from one week in there now which are very similar to a lot of it. They’ve just picked up a little bit on the mechanical side of things so we’re just adding all that in now so that our members get the best quality stuff to practice on leading up to the supervised tests.

Thanks for tuning in. If you want to get updates and stuff like that, make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel and I’ll talk to you soon.



This article is a brief update on the QFES cognitive test for 2018, we will continue to work on updating the information in regards to the qfes and it’s testing so we can provide you with the most up to date QFES practice tests.

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