QFES Firefighter Recruitment Update 2017

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This is Brent Clayton from FireRecruitmentAustralia.com with a firefighter recruitment update for Queensland Fire and Emergency Services or QFES.

QFES Firefighter Recruitment Update 2017

QFES Firefighter Recruitment Update 2017

QFES has just confirmed that the firefighter recruitment and selection process will commence shortly with opening of applications on April 1st, 2017. This will be immediately followed by their rigorous assessment process.

QFES is changing recruitment provider and process so this may cause some challenges for those that have been through the process before.

I strongly recommend that you get yourself familiar with the requirements of the firefighter recruitment process as it would be as competitive and challenging as ever.

To help with that, I created a QFES Firefighter Recruitment Process infographic to give you an overview of what the whole selection process entails. You can easily download and share it to people you know who have been waiting for this round of recruitment. I have also covered the QFES physical ability testing bit by bit in this previous blog. It would greatly help with your fitness training.

Feel free to spread the good news to all aspiring firefighters as this is open to old and new applicants.

If you need help with your preparation, there are e-book guides and one-on-one coaching services available to help eliminate the guesswork in standing out among thousands of applicants.

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If you have not expressed interest in joining, make sure to register on the official QFES website.


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