Tips On Fire Service Recruitment

Like all other professions, fire service recruitment is guided by predetermined steps. Individuals looking to join this particular field must first satisfy the set requirements before they can be considered by the hiring departments.

Apart from looking at the education background, interviewees are also expected to possess certain physical and personality attributes.

Minors cannot be hired as blaze fighters and this is why most departments have set the minimum hiring age as eighteen years. To confirm this, each applicant is required to bring with him a copy of his or her identification document. Departments will also usually expect all applicants to have completed their high school education and acquired a diploma.

Local departments usually schedule career information sessions from time to time. Such sessions are open to all members of the public including families. Apart from being free, attendees are informed on the roles performed by the local crews and what potential applicants need to do.

Even though attendance is not mandatory, most departments recommend that candidates take time to attend the sessions in order to gain more knowledge. After this, they can now proceed ahead to fill in the application forms. Application forms can be found online in local department websites.

When filing application forms, it will be important to ensure that the document is filed within the stipulated time frame. Only candidates who are able to submit their applications in time are invited for the aptitude tests. The tests will usually cover topics such as mathematics, mechanical aptitudes and interpersonal relations.

Once the tests have been marked, successful candidates will now be invited to sit for the written examination. It is very important for one to be prepared for both exams. For instance, candidates who do not achieve a pass mark of seventy percent and above are considered to have failed.

From the written examination, the next step is usually to review all applications. Here, a pool of recruiters will sit down and go through all the applications that were sent in. They consider the results obtained in the aptitude tests and in the written exams while determining where to place each candidate.

Candidates are divided in to two streams when going in to the hiring pool. The hiring pool is where all individuals to be employed are gotten from. A candidate can therefore end up in either the general or enhanced streams based on his marks.

Applicants will then be called in to sit for interviews. The interview is usually the last stage in the hiring process. A panel of recruiters will call in candidates from each stream and ask them questions about their education, background and what they hope to achieve. They will then provide feedback on whether an applicant was successful or not.

Different departments will have different fire service recruitment criteria. To learn more about each department, it is important to visit the local fire department website so as to evaluate its hiring criteria. It also does not hurt to gather information on what is expected of all applicants when submitting their documents.

Brent C

After becoming a Firefighter, I developed a massive interest in the Fire Services Recruitment and Selection Processes. I've been in the fire service working since 2007 to learn everything about how Fire Services Recruitment works. I've tested and refined proven methods to help people get the edge over the competition. Today, over 300 of my former students are living their Firefighter dream.