Height and Weight Requirements for Firefighters 


firefighter height requirements & weight requirements for firefighters


Example below

If you are looking to become a professional firefighter the subject of height and weight requirements for firefighters may have crossed your mind.

I am going to get straight to the point on the height and weight requirements for firefighters in Australia and then I'll explain the why and how for this.

Spoiler: There are NO height and weight requirements for firefighters in Australia. If there were it would be quickly labeled discrimination by someone and each service would slowly be taken. to task on the issue. This is just the world we live in today unfortunately.

This does not mean that there are no requirements for height and weight that aren't addressed through other mechanisms that don't attract the same unwanted attention.

Firefighter Height Requirement

As I said above there is no specific height requirement and I have actually worked with some people that are below the median height range so it varies from service to service and year to year. Below I'll explain what you need to pay particular attention to in order to figure out if there is a hidden height requirement that may cause you a problem in gaining a professional role as a firefighter. I will include an example from a current service as well.

You can see in the example below there is no specific height or weight requirement but you must be able to perform certain tasks so if your height or weight stop you from being able to do the tasks you're out

Height and Weight Requirements for Firefighters example

Firefighter Weight Requirements

The weight requirement for firefighters is much more simple to figure out. If you think about it the question almost answers itself.

It works like this: If your weight limits your ability to complete any of the pre-employment checks which will usually be related to physical aptitude, work function tests or the medical you have exceeded the weight requirement.

I know this may be self explanatory but it is certainly something that can easily be eliminated before it becomes an issue for you. This is one of the processes I go through with the guys I work with each intake in my coaching program, just another thing to make sure you don't get unnecessarily stopped in your tracks just because you have misunderstood the guidelines or similar.

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