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So You Can Learn at Your Own Pace

The Firefighters Recruitment Bundle

A collection of my best recruitment related resources

This is the ideal investment if you are currently preparing for the next fire services recruitment intake. This collection gives you rich details that help you prepare thoroughly for every test you'll face — the application process, the Aptitude, Personality, and Physical tests, and the Interview.

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So You Can Learn With Me and Others

More Resources, More Interaction, Faster Success

When you join my monthly membership, you get:

  • ALL of our superior video courses and eBooks ... created specifically for aspiring firefighters in Australia
  • Access to our proprietary, interactive Interview software ... for the best possible Interview preparation
  • The absolute BEST resources to propel you on your journey towards becoming a professional firefighter

Membership is ideal for you if you would like to see success with more speed and less stress. It works for first time applicants as well as applicants who have tried and failed before. The secret sauce that ties it all together is my personal experiences mixed with years of research into the recruitment process. 

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So You Can Learn Fast and Focused


If you think that you need that little bit of extra help to make it through the next recruitment intake, then group coaching is perfect for you. Together, we'll work out a strategy that:

  • Builds on your strengths and fills you with confidence
  • Improves on your weaknesses to eliminate points of failure
  • Shows you exactly what to expect so you can present the best version of yourself every step of the way

Wherever you are in the process, and whatever challenges you’re facing right now, group coaching gives you step-by-step guidance, personal support, and resources to help you get to where you want to be in the quickest way possible. You don’t need to struggle on your own anymore!

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So You Can Achieve Excellence in 3 Specific Areas

(included with membership and coaching)




Learn What the Personality Test is REALLY Getting at ... so You Know How to Answer

It's maddening to take the Fire Service Personality Profiling Test unless you understand what it's trying to learn about you. See how you need to rate on 27 personality metrics.