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Firefighter Recruitment 2023

Firefighter Recruitment 2023

Table of Contents – Recruitment Status by State QFES FRV NSW DFES ARFF SAMFS ACT NT TASMANIA NZ Firefighter Recruitment 2023 Update for fire service recruitment in Australia and New Zealand Hi guys! Brent here with a Q1 firefighter recruitment 2023 update just for you. It’s been a while since my last update and I […]

Learn How To Succeed At The Firefighting Aptitude Test


A variety of personality traits may be found in people who choose to fight fires professionally. Performing such a task requires confidence, diligence, and the ability to remain calm and clearheaded in an emergency situation. Because this is such a challenging job, those who wish to become firefighters must pass the firefighting aptitude test. Australian firefighters provide a wide range of different services, and the aptitude testing is a reflection of that fact. There is much competition among applicants, and it is not uncommon for people to fail at the testing level. Failure to move past this level means that one cannot progress to become a firefighter. Fortunately, coaching is available to help applicants pass the tests.

Firefighter Salary Australia

Firefighter Salary Australia

Updated Firefighter Salary’s in the description below as well as links to each services pay agreement.  BEAT THE COMPETITION WITH MY HELP – BECOME A FIREFIGHTER In this blog post, I cover most fire services from around Australia for Firefighter Salary. I also have a download of the resources these rates come from. Learn How To Succeed […]

Can Firefighters Wear Glasses?

Can firefighters wear glasses

Questions we often get asked are “can firefighters wear glasses?” and “do firefighters need perfect eyesight?”. While you must pass an eye exam before you can become a firefighter, you are tested while wearing your glasses or contact lenses. Therefore, even if you don’t have perfect eyesight, you can still become a firefighter. The main […]

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