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FRV Recruitment 2021 – Become a firefighter 2021

FRV Recruitment-2021-firefighter

FRV Recruitment 2021 FRV Recruitment is kicking off soon, get ready for your opportunity to Become a firefighter in Victoria. Fire Rescue Victoria Firefighter recruitment starts in June 2021. Hi, Brent here with a firefighter recruitment update for you.  FRV Recruitment 2021 Details Fire Rescue Victoria has just announced their next recruitment date covering their […]

  • 6 months ago

Membership Look Behind The Door

I wanted to show you this because I know how hard it is to trust someone you’ve never met. That’s why I recorded this exclusive behind the scenes sneak peek into my membership area for you. JOIN Membership Here In the video I quickly show you the system I am using to help people in […]

  • last year

Firefighter Recruitment 2020 Update

Firefighter Recruitment 2020

Here’s a Firefighter Recruitment 2020 update for the first half of this year. I’ve included the fire services that are recruiting, those with upcoming recruitment schedules as well as the process for each service around the country further down the article. New South Wales or Fire and Rescue New South Wales They are scheduled to […]

  • last year

FRNSW Recruitment Drive 2020

frnsw recruitment 2020

FRNSW 2020 Recruitment Drive FRNSW Recruitment 2020 A couple of days ago, FRNSW announced their recruitment schedule this coming July 2020. Amidst the Corona Outbreak, this comes as a very welcome breath of fresh air. It’s comforting to know that the lull has a definite end, at least for some of the fire services. Here’s […]

  • last year

Recruitment Break in Australian Fire Services

Australian Fire Service recruitment break

A Recruitment Break in Australia Fire Services   Hi everyone! Let’s talk for a bit about how the Australian Fire Services are dealing with the Coronavirus Outbreak and how it could look in the coming months. Also, why is it important to prepare to become a firefighter now more than ever? Learn more in the quick […]

  • last year
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