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DFES 2020 Is On A Roll

dfes 2020 recruitment

Hey guys! As you know, DFES is already well-underway with this year’s rolling recruitment and they have no signs of stopping anytime soon. However, I still advise you to take the initiative and put in your application as early as you can because recruitment is very unpredictable. One day there might just be a few applicants […]

Firefighter Recruitment Amidst The Bushfires

Recruitment amidst the bushfires

Hello friends! What a year 2019 has been and what an even bigger year 2020 will be! As you all know, Australia has been inundated with bushfires in the last few weeks ranging from small to roaring and tragic ongoing fires. How these will shape and affect fire service recruitment, we’re yet to find out. However, […]

DFES Firefighter Recruitment Update 2019

dfes 2019

Hey guys! Brent C here from I would like to share with you a quick snapshot on what to expect this coming January 2019 as the Department of Fire and Emergency Services of DFES, start their recruitment.   If you have any questions or need help, feel free to send us a PM or […]

WA firefighter recruitment 2015 – Recruitment Update

WA firefighter recruitment Brent C from with a fire fighter recruitment update for Australia, July 2015. What we’ve got this month is the Western Australian Fire Service Recruiting for Fire Fighters or the DFES as they are also known. WA firefighter recruitment 2015 will start on the 17th, Friday the 17th, so if you’re […]

WA Firefighter Recruitment PATS Test

WA Firefighter PATS Test and PWCA ( Physical Work Capacity Assessment ) I have had a large number of requests come in lately in regards to the DFES Firefighter Recruitment process and in particular the Physical Aptitude Test or the Physical Work Capacity Assessment. I have listed a brief list of what you need to […]

Firefighter Recruitment Outlook For Australia 2014 – 2015

Firefighter Recruitment Outlook Australia 2014 – 2015 I go through the current outlook for each fire service in Australia and when they will be looking to recruit new firefighters. I cover FESA Firefighter Recruiting MFB Recruiting CFA Recruiting QLDF&R Recruiting NTF&R Firefighter Recruiting SAMFS Recruiting Western Australia Firefighter Recruiting FRNSW Firefighter Recruitment Tasmania Fire service […]