DFES 2020 Is On A Roll

dfes 2020 recruitment

Hey guys! As you know, DFES is already well-underway with this year’s rolling recruitment and they have no signs of stopping anytime soon.

However, I still advise you to take the initiative and put in your application as early as you can because recruitment is very unpredictable. One day there might just be a few applicants and then on another day, it’s filled to the brim.

That being said, this intake can go two ways for you: either the loose timing works with your schedule or it doesn’t. However, regardless of the lack of a recruitment calendar, I still recommend that you go for it because there’s really only one way to find out.

I’ve recently shared a video on Youtube which garnered a lot of questions and reactions. See below:

As of today, I am confirming that DFES is using Saville. The purpose of the video was to assure everyone that regardless of what exam is used, whether for DFES or any other fire service — Fire Recruitment Australia is ready for them and we’re always ready to help you.

We’ve got you covered for the topics enumerated, namely: verbal, numerical, abstract, mechanical, error checking, and diagrammatic reasoning exams. For applicants whose online submissions are a success, you will have a week to complete the online exams. Visit our main site and reach out to admin for your questions or check out our Aptitude site.

DFES has six stages and they are neatly summarized in their candidate information pack.

Stage One: Online Application

Stage Two: Cognitive and Personality Assessment

Stage Three: Physical Aptitude Tests

Stage Four: Speed Interviews and Group Assessment

Stage Five: Confined Space and Working at Heights

Stage Six: Final Validations

These stages are covered and discussed in the courses inside of Membership. Feel free to reach out or send a message if you need help.


Brent and the Fire Recruitment Australia Team

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