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Safe Select Practice Questions SAMFS

Safe Select Practice Questions SAMFS

If you have a dream of becoming a firefighter in South Australia, you need to pass the competitive and rigorous selection process. The challenge lies in passing their aptitude test to realise your goal and we are ready and prepared to help you with the test at In the 2016 recruitment, The SAMFS used […]

Exam Takeaways for 2021 Firefighter Applicants

ACTFR FRV FENZ SAMFS 2021 recruitment exam

SAMFS, FRV, FENZ and ACTFR are fire services set to recruit just after mid-2021. Hello everyone! Learn How To Succeed At The Firefighting Aptitude Test Brent here with some helpful information on practice exams for fire service recruitment. If you’re applying for any of these fire services: SAMFS, FRV, FENZ or ACTFR, it means you […]

Australian Firefighter FAQs

Australian Firefighter FAQs

Hey, guys! Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) on how to become an Australian firefighter. The fire service profession has evolved significantly in the last few decades. And while techniques in firefighting and the emergencies that firefighters respond to have also changed through time, the need to employ firefighters will […]

2019 SAMFS SafeSelect Exam

Safe Select 2019

Hey guys! As SAMFS ramps up their recruitment process, we find ourselves thrown a curveball – Cognify! As Fire Recruitment Australia is no stranger to it, I feel it only proper to provide those who are going to take the test some info on what to look forward to. First off, SafeSelect after merging with Converge […]

SAMFS Firefighter Recruitment 2019

samfs 2019

I am very happy to share that SAMFS has opened its doors for recruitment again this year. They’re recruiting from 29 July to 9 August, 2019. I especially appreciate that they have upgraded interactions on their social media platform as well. Be sure to check out their FB Page for videos and updates. I found […]

SAMFS 2019 Recruitment Update

Hey there! Brent here from and today I have another firefighter recruitment update for you. So, word on the street is that the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service is going to start their recruitment mid-next year. So mid-2019, SAMFS will be starting their firefighter recruitment so that’s middle of the year. That gives you […]