Australian Fire Services: Crucial Interview Tips

fire service interview tips

Australian Fire Services: Crucial Interview Tips

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As fire recruitment takes a pause while Australia and the rest of the world is dealing with the Coronavirus outbreak, the team has compiled 5 Crucial Interview Tips that you can work with to help make this time more productive as you channel it towards preparing for your postponed interview.


How do I Prepare for a Firefighter Interview – Top 5 Tips


1. The final interview is the biggest opportunity you have to showcase your strengths and convince the panel that you are the person for the job If you’re lucky, you might get 60 minutes to cover off specific questions and…


2. The interview is usually where there is the least amount of competition as far as numbers go If you’re a numbers person it might be worth thinking about it like this If there are 20 positions up for grabs and 200 people left in the process which means you might want to consider doing to outperform the competition.


3. Gain an understanding of what you are likely to be asked, what is important to the organisation. The more you understand the organisation, role and what’s important to the organisations values, strategic direction and political issues they may be facing at the time, the better off you will be.

TIP: If you know someone who has recently landed a position at the same service you are looking to gain employment with, pay particular attention to what they were asked and more importantly how they answered the question. Remember, this is only part of the process and not a silver bullet.


4. You need to stand out When I say you need to stand out, this does not mean that you need to do anything drastic. It’s about being able to communicate effectively while your in the interview. It’s about your ability to interact and show some personality; this will be extremely favourable when a panel has been sitting listening to sometimes a great deal of what may be boring interviews. If you can get to the point where you are confident in your skills and your ability to communicate them, it will allow you to breathe life in to your responses and make the experience hopefully interesting to the panel. Pretty simple really but 90% of people never get there.


5. Get help & practice in real life The interview stage is the closest you will ever get to the job but it can also be a very long way off if you muck it up and don’t grasp the opportunity with both hands. I have known of many people who decided to wing it at this point and for one reason or another, never managed to make it back to this point of the process. Practice…and when you are practicing, try and make it as real and uncomfortable as possible. The more familiar you get with the environment and feeling of unease, the better you will perform as it will become familiar and feel more confident which tends to have exponential benefits on the day. Treat this life changing opportunity with the respect and seriousness it deserves and you will reap the benefits. It’s too big of an opportunity not to ensure you are as prepared as possible for. When you are seeking help to prepare for an interview, make sure the person you are getting advice from is in fact qualified and up to date so that the advice is not detrimental.


FINAL THOUGHTS Gaining interview skills can be difficult but it is within reach for anyone willing to do the work required.

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