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Can Firefighters Wear Glasses?

Can firefighters wear glasses

Questions we often get asked are “can firefighters wear glasses?” and “do firefighters need perfect eyesight?”. While you must pass an eye exam before you can become a firefighter, you are tested while wearing your glasses or contact lenses. Therefore, even if you don’t have perfect eyesight, you can still become a firefighter. The main […]

Fire Rescue Victoria Ranks

Firefighter Ranks in Fire Rescue Victoria

Note: Nothing contained in this post is to imply any endorsement from Fire Rescue Victoria or its representatives.Fire Rescue Victoria is a newly established fire and rescue service to meet Victoria’s evolving need for dynamic fire danger response. It started on July the 1st 2020 and is part of the Fire Service Reforms in Victoria. […]

Emotify Practice Test: A Full Process Breakdown

Emotify Practice Test for Firefighter Recruitment

In line with Fire Recruitment Australia’s goal of bringing you the latest and most effective training on everything to do with firefighter recruitment in Australia and New Zealand, our team of coaches, researchers, and organisational psychologists have made big efforts to make sure you get relevant and complete information on fire service exams, especially the […]

The Importance of Teamwork in Firefighting

Why Teamwork is Important in Firefighting

Like most service industries, teamwork is required in firefighting. Performing your duty of battling fires and rescuing people definitely requires several firefighters working harmoniously and effectively to get the job done. So, if you’re planning to become a firefighter, you must definitely know how to work in a team in order to get selected and […]

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