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VFS Fire Recruitment 2018

  Hey guys! Brent Clayton here, bringing exciting news from Victoria. It’s a great time for all aspiring Victorian Firefighters what with VIC opening its doors to applications on 12 February 2018. Be sure to apply as soon as it opens as recruitment period will run for a short time only. The best thing about […]

FRNSW Recruitment Update 2017

  FRNSW Recruitment 2017 Hey everyone! Once again, Brent Clayton here, giving you an update for Fire & Rescue NSW while it’s still hot! A couple of hours ago, FRNSW announced that it will be accepting applications for Permanent Firefighter positions on 1 November 2017. The recruitment period runs until the 15th of the same […]

Steps For Becoming A Firefighter

Firefighters play an integral role in protecting citizens and their property from dangerous fires. Becoming a firefighter can be financially and personally rewarding for the right person. Individuals who pursue a career in this profession must be physically fit and able to work effectively in high stress situations when people’s lives are at risk.

Becoming A Firefighter

If becoming a firefighter has been a dream of yours since you were little, you are not alone. I know for one that I have always imagined myself being called to the scene, riding a mighty fire engine, battling fires and saving people since I was 7, when I received my first fire truck toy for my birthday. Indeed, lots and lots of people would want to be able to be a part of this exclusive group of real-life heroes and be called a full fledged firefighter.

Important Information About Becoming A Firefighter

If you plan on becoming a firefighter, there are a few important things to know before you start applying. These jobs are highly sought after and those who secure them take special care to get ready for the application process. With excellent salaries and benefits, firefighters also have the advantage of providing services that help to save lives. Following are a few tips that will help you obtain one of these coveted positions.

Tips On Fire Service Recruitment

Like all other professions, fire service recruitment is guided by predetermined steps. Individuals looking to join this particular field must first satisfy the set requirements before they can be considered by the hiring departments. Apart from looking at the education background, interviewees are also expected to possess certain physical and personality attributes.

What You Should Know About Becoming A Firefighter

The real challenge in becoming a firefighter is often maintaining your patience and making sure to do everything you can to stay fit while waiting through the lengthy application process. There is always a very limited number of positions to fill in most areas. More importantly, however, is the fact that these jobs are constantly in high demand. They offer stable pay and excellent benefits, making them among some of the most sought after civil servant positions out there.

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