Can Firefighters Have Piercings and Can Firefighters Have Tattoos?

Can Firefighters Have Piercings And Can Firefighters Have Tattoos?

Here at Fire Recruitment Australia, we get asked many questions from potential recruits. One of them is “can firefighters have piercings?” Another question we often get asked is “can firefighters have tattoos?”

These questions are both relevant because if you want to join the fire services, you want to ensure that you have the best chance possible.

In the past, piercings and tattoos were considered taboo by many organisation including fire services. However, in the last decade or so, fire services in Australia have become more receptive to allowing these forms of self-expression.

While the restrictions are not totally removed, most of the fire services have made allowances and established similar guidelines across the country.

Firefighter Tattoo Policy

For tattoos, here are the general guidelines.

  1. Leg and half sleeve tattoos are generally acceptable
  2. Face tattoos and face modifications are highly discouraged
  3. Tattoos must not be in any way offensive to women, children, race, minorities, normal customs and traditions, and your colleagues.

You’ll also find that some fire services in Australia will ask you to explain the reason behind the tattoo.

SAMFS Firefighter Tattoo Policy

Here’s what the SAMFS has to say about tattoos:

SAMSF Policy on tattoos


Firefighter Piercings Policy

This is still a grey area in many fire services in Australia and will vary from state to state.

From the information we’ve gathered, we can ascertain that:

  1. Big or tunnel piercings are not allowed
  2. Piercings in the face are generally discouraged. Therefore, you can simply remove the piercing when you go for an interview or physical exam.

Why Piercings Are Not Allowed

There are actually safety reasons for these restrictions that you may not be aware of. These include:

If you’re in a fire emergency, metal piercings can get too hot and burn you. Likewise, a plastic accessory might melt in the heat! We really just want to avoid injury.

Additionally, if you specialise in say, hazmat, piercings would puncture your suit. In emergency situations, it’s counter-intuitive to not be able to readily suit up and respond to situations because of the time it takes you to take out your piercings. Plus, remember you might be assisting young children or old people who might find the look intimidating.

Firefighters Work In The Community

Firefighters are public servants. We aim to keep the community safe from fires and assist in any disaster we can. As such, we’re expected to establish a good relationship with the community and be role models inside and out of our uniforms.

We hope you found this information helpful. If you have any questions about firefighting, feel free to send them to us via chat, email, or in the comments below. We’ll select the most asked for to answer in a future post.

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