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Become a firefighter in Australia blog – Keeping you up to date with every single service in Australia and NZ. Covering firefighter tests, firefighter interview, firefighter psych testing, pat testing, how to do your firefighter application. Everything on how to becomea firefighter

Female Firefighter Recruitment An Insight

Female Firefighter Recruitment Australia – An insight Into Becoming a Firefighter For Women For more on firefighter requirements in general including how to pass the firefighter aptitude test Below are interviews with female firefighters from DFES This will give you an idea of the experiences these ladies have had with female firefighter recruitment and their […]

  • a couple of weeks ago

Exam Takeaways for 2021 Firefighter Applicants

ACTFR FRV FENZ SAMFS 2021 recruitment exam

SAMFS, FRV, FENZ and ACTFR are fire services set to recruit just after mid-2021. Hello everyone! Learn How To Succeed At The Firefighting Aptitude Test Brent here with some helpful information on practice exams for fire service recruitment. If you’re applying for any of these fire services: SAMFS, FRV, FENZ or ACTFR, it means you […]

  • 11 months ago

Firefighter Application Tips


How to get your Firefighter Application Noticed When you’re applying for a job as a firefighter you may neglect the importance of the firefighter application process. This is usually due to focusing more on the aptitude test or the firefighter psych test and maybe what the firefighter interview might be like for the service you’re […]

  • 11 months ago

Fire Services Recruiting Now – ARFF Firefighter Recruitment 2022


Fire Services Recruiting Now – ARFF Firefighter Recruitment 2022 ARFF Firefighter Recruitment ALERT! All current fire service recruitment dates are now located on my new firefighter recruitment page Want to become an ARFF Firefighter? Air Services Australia is about to start another ARFF Firefighter Recruitment run in 2021 – Monday 26th July 2021, applications will […]

  • last year

Fire & Rescue NSW Tests Preparation 2021 & 2022

fire & rescue NSW Test Preparation

Fire & Rescue NSW Tests Preparation 2021 & 2022 Preparation For Fire Service Recruitment – Fire & Rescue NSW – [ VIDEO ] So you’re thinking about applying to become a firefighter with Fire and Rescue NSW. That’s fantastic! I want to give yourself the best opportunity to beat the competition, throughout the recruitment process […]

  • last year

ACT Fire and Rescue Recruitment 2021

act fire and rescue recruitment 2021

Hey guys! Brent here from Fire Recruitment Australia. Today, I’m covering ACT Fire and Rescue Recruitment 2021. It looks like ACT Fire and Rescue will be recruiting in July of 2021 which is awesome news for those of you that have been waiting to have a crack at the next ACT Firefighter Recruitment.   First […]

  • last year

FRV Psych Exam: A Full Analysis

FRV Psych Exam

Hey Guys! I am excited to tell you that we have once again updated our Personality Profiler Module inside of the Membership Area. This time, we have included a full analysis of Fire and Rescue Victoria’s PSI Psych Exam. Watch below to see a snippet of what you can expect from the add-on module.   […]

  • last year

Pearson Vue Tests Center Results I 2021

Pearson Vue Test Center FRV

Pearson Vue Tests Results – Pearson Vue Test Center – FRV Hey guys! Victoria’s 2021 intake has been on hold for a while now due to the COVID situation. Dates have not been finalized yet for the next intake. However, it is anticipated to happen in the first half of 2021, preferably in the early […]

  • last year

FRNSW Recruitment Drive 2020

frnsw recruitment 2020

FRNSW 2020 Recruitment Drive FRNSW Recruitment 2020 A couple of days ago, FRNSW announced their recruitment schedule this coming July 2020. Amidst the Corona Outbreak, this comes as a very welcome breath of fresh air. It’s comforting to know that the lull has a definite end, at least for some of the fire services. Here’s […]

  • a couple of years ago
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