Cognify Practice Test

Cognify Practice Test for Firefighter Recruitment

Cognify Aptitude Test

In this short video I talk about Cognify Practice test – The Aptitude Test on steroids. What it is, why I believe it’s being used & what you can do to help yourself.

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Cognify Practice Test For Firefighters

Since adding the Cognify Practice Test Resource here many other services have taken up with Cognify as well as dropped out. You can see an actual Cognify walkthrough video on the DFES Aptitude Test blog.

What is Cognify?

Cognify aptitude test is a new age game based aptitude test designed to assess a candidates

  • Problem solving ability
  • Numerical reasoning ability
  • Verbal knowledge

Cognify practice test us a game based way of assessing not only your abilities in these areas but your behaviours whilst answering the questions and solving the problems in a more dynamic way. It is seen as one of the best predictors of job performance as it measures how quickly an individual can learn, organize and apply new information. 

The 30-minute test consists of 6 mini-games. It can be taken anywhere and on any device (including a phone). The six mini-games are:

Short Cuts, Grid Lock and Resemble: which measure problem-solving
Numbubbles and Tally Up: which measure numerical reasoning
Proof It: which measures verbal knowledge

This allows organisations like Fire and Rescue to gain a deeper understanding of each individual applicants strengths, abilities and behaviours which they can then turn into data for modelling likely behaviour and ability in the workplace.

Why is Cognify Used?

Revailian says that Cognify aptitude testing gives the organisation an accurate picture of who will succeed and contribute to their organisation. It also talks about the reduced ability for candidates to prepare.

There is a 12 month NO re-sit policy with this test which also reduces a candidates ability to prepare BUT in my experience getting exposure to similar games and exposure to extremely similar situations will always give you an edge over someone that has not had exposure with a similar talent level.

As far as Cognify practice test and Fire & Rescue recruitment goes it is a smart move from the recruitment team as it allows them to build a more complete picture and identify those whole will be successful in the role.

On the side of aspiring firefighters / applicants it does add another level of complexity and the need to fully prepare and get the absolute best from yourself. I almost see this as a blessing as it is something that can be worked on with the right people to help get an edge.

See more tips and info to better prepare for Cognify – Get Access to Cognify Practice test before your test date.

How Is Cognify Assessed? 

At the end of the assessment, the candidate is taken to the Cognify Score Report. The results summary compares the candidates percentile ranking in comparison to our global norming group.

Below the Results Summary, you will see the population distribution for Cognify to give you an idea of where that candidate scored relative to others. The majority of scores group near the middle of the distribution, and less common scores fall in the higher and lower ends of the scale.

If you’ve created a custom score range, that range will appear below the population distribution. To the right of that information you will see an icon indicating whether your candidate’s score fell inside the range you’ve set.

Below this information, you’ll also receive a few insights into what areas the candidate is likely to excel in or areas that may be potentially challenging.

At the bottom of the score report, you will see breakout of the sub scores for problem solving, numerical reasoning, and verbal knowledge. Although these sub scores provide helpful information, the most important score is still the overall percentile, as the overall score is the best predictor of future job success.

The sub scores are:

  • Problem Solving – indicates a candidate’s ability to solve new problems without prior knowledge. This includes the ability to learn quickly, work under time pressure, think critically, and adapt to change. 
  • Numerical Reasoning – indicates how well a candidate comprehends quantitative and numerical concepts. This includes the ability to solve mathematical problems under time pressure, focus, and switch between tasks.
  • Verbal Knowledge – measures a candidate’s breadth of knowledge and ability regarding written language. More specifically, this includes their ability to demonstrate strong reading and writing skills, attention to detail under time pressure, ability to extract meaning from text, and work efficiently (i.e., speed and accuracy).

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Here is an infographic on Cognify Practice Tests




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