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DFES Aptitude Test – 2021 onward

Hi, in this article I’m going to cover the DFES aptitude test provider as there has been a recent update and we will look at DFES firefighter recruitment for 2020.

So the juicy bit first. DFES has changed from Saville to Revelian – Cognify. This is in line with Fire and Rescue NSW and a few others around the country at the time of writing

The Cognify Test – Video Walk Through

So for those of you who are new to Revelian and Cognify you’re in luck as I am including a detailed walkthrough video of what to expect and how to improve your score when you face the Revelian – Cognify test. This is normally something reserved for my membership clients but I really want you to have at least an idea of what’s coming in the Cognify test. Check out the video below

DFES Aptitude Test – Revelian Cognify Practice Test Free – video

We did have a video explanation here but Revelian made us take it down. To see it now go to the cognify practice test video

Warning: I want to give you a head’s up as I know the logical brain will start searching for ways to do the test and practice for free etc. I don’t blame you. There are 2 very important things to consider before going down this path.

  1. Revelian – Cognify test results last for 12 months so if you sign up and take the test you cannot get another score for a year and can put yourself out of the running for a job as a firefighter without even knowing it.
  2.  You will be wasting valuable time you could be putting towards improving your chances.

In saying that there’s the link to Revelian – Cognify page in the notes at the bottom if you want to check it out anyway, probably a good idea.

So here’s a break down for

– DFES Aptitude Test

Which is

– Revelian cognitive ability test – cognify

Hello guys, thank you for asking about Cognify and how to navigate through it. My name is Lorraine. I’m with Fire Recruitment Australia, and I’m making this recording to help you understand the exam categories for Cognify as well as how to prepare for them. So here it is. First off Cognify has six exam types.

We have:

  1. Proof it
  2. Resemble
  3. Gridlock
  4. Short Cuts
  5. Numbubbles
  6. Tally Up

Proof It

from the name of it, from what the name suggests, is actually proofreading, and I will show you later on what the exercises are, but basically the goal is to identify the mistakes in that exam.

And there are certain considerations like time as well as the number of errors that you would need to look at once you start taking that test. We have an Amplify platform on membership that is a mirror image and a breakdown of the Proof It exam. We call it Proofread It, and you can go to that exam category on Amplify and practice as many and as often as you need in order for you to become comfortable for the Proof It exam. So let’s see what happens inside the Proof It exam.

So again, your task of this game is you will be shown a number of documents that need proofreading, and the errors are scattered throughout the text and may be grammatical or may be spelling errors. You will have to find an error in the document that is assigned to you. Now, the sample is just quite short, but the selections are actually long. So you may have to scroll down in order to go through everything for Proof It. Now there is an error counter on the right-hand side and it tells you how many errors are remaining for that particular exercise. So in the final exam, either you find all the errors in the time that’s allotted to you, and the timer is usually here at the bottom. It’s not shown here because this is just a sample.

Or you max out all the incorrect answers, which obviously, if you just randomly click on stuff because you don’t want to read the selection thoroughly and just finish everything quickly if you max out all the incorrect marks, then you will immediately move the next selection, regardless if there is still time remaining on your timer. So be careful once you take the Proof It exam. Read thoroughly, pay attention, make sure that you did not max out the incorrect marks, and make sure to identify all the remaining errors in the time allotted to you.

So here’s a sample. Just to give a shortcut, the errors on this are as follows. The mistakes are misspelt, and then the as well after that, there’s a semicolon when it should be a period, so that’s a grammatical error. And then also the words are somethings not appropriate. It should be sometimes not appropriate and not somethings. Somethings is not a word. So those are the three errors for this exam. Now Proof It is actually quite tricky. The errors are not just in the body of the exam. I would also advise you to take note of the title of the selection because sometimes the error might be lurking there. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is Proof It.


revelian cognitive ability test proof it


If you’re familiar with the brain twister games where you’re given a specific number of plates that you would need to assemble into a particular pattern, that is what Resemble is all about. We have an equivalent for it on Amplify and it’s called Reassemble. And from what the name suggests, your task here will be recreating the patterns given to you on the left to the right-hand side. But you will have to take note in the event, there are rotations being required of you.

So this section has a timer, so make sure to solve it in the allotted time. Also, if you notice, this is an insider tip, there are no error counters or correct or incorrect counters indicated on here. Most likely the considerations for you to get a score on this section are as follows. One, the time that you take to answer the questions. And second, there’s also sort of a psychological component to it. People who have just put all the blocks randomly here on the right-hand side and rearranged from they are scored lower than those people who purposefully uploaded a box on top and then rearrange it just a bit to fit the objective on the left-hand side. So you would need to consider that. Do not consume too much time and do not put all of your boxes together on the right-hand side. Put them one by one and reassemble with fewer clicks as possible.

So here’s the rotation that I was talking about. It gives you an objective on the left-hand side, but the instruction here is to rotate either by 90 or 180, clockwise or anti-clockwise. So what does this mean? This error right here. It means going to the right, so clockwise, rotate it 180 degrees, and that’s how it looks. Now, this one, rotate 90 degrees, the errors… The arrows, actually, show you how far you would need to go into the rotation. So that’s good. Just do a mirror image on the rotation or angle that’s indicated on the other exam, on the requirement. Let me backtrack for a bit for this next exam.

revelian cognitive ability test resemble


and basically it’s like Tetris. If you have played Tetris at least once in your life, you would see how similar they are to each other. And this game is not replicated on Amplify due to the technicalities of the programme used to create the problem. But as you can see, these are fairly easy figures or puzzles to complete by yourself. And just like the Resemble exam, people who put all the blocks on the middle in one go and rearrange it from there scored lower than those people who put the figures one by one, just like how you saw it in this video.

revelian cognitive ability test gridlock


So we have been able to replicate four out of the six exams that Cognify has and cognitive and Shortcuts is the second exam that we haven’t been able to replicate due to the complexity of the programme. But as the name suggests, your objective is to get one ball to the desired end with the least travel or clicks as possible. That’s why it’s called Shortcuts. Notice that you have here a score indicator, the lesser moves you use to get from one point to the other, the greater score you will have. There is also a time factor for this exam, so make sure to answer it within the timeframe allotted.

Okay, so you click the marble and then you see that these are the number… The numbers indicate the number of stars that are removed from your scores. So as soon as you get to the end, it will give you the final score. It can be a bit complicated because sometimes there are red marbles blocking the way, so what you will need to do is to move these marbles to free up the way for the blue marble that needs to get to the end location or the star. Let’s see how this goes.

So you click on that direction. The red marble will fall. And then the blue one, and the final destination. As long as it’s within the threshold, you still got a good score. Now this one, refilling. Sometimes you will see a shaded space. You can move the blue marble to this space to remove some of the distance you have built up. You can only use this once for each puzzle, try it out now. So it means that it will refresh the distance that you’ve covered with a red marble. So your score would become a much better score instead of just doing okay. So see? The distance it covered was cleared in that single move.

revelian cognitive ability test short cuts


As the name suggests it’s the number of bubbles and we have it on Amplify and we called it just that, Number of Bubbles. The task here is to pop the bubbles that match the target number. The target number is indicated here at the bottom. Let’s go ahead and see it. So the target number is 10, so you have to click the number that corresponds to the target before the bubble bursts. But if you click on an incorrect answer, then it will be tagged and it will be taken against you in the final scoring. If you see no bubbles correspond to the target value, just leave it be. As the levels progress, so does the level of hardship for Numbubbles and the speed of the bubbles as they appear. So that was just a fast forward. The one that you saw earlier, it’s not really how fast the bubbles are. It’s around three to five seconds of interval per bubble.

revelian cognitive ability test numbubbles

Tally Up

You will tally the value on the left versus the value on the right and… They’re cold tokens. And you must decide which side has the higher value. So is it the left, the right, or if they’re equal, click on the equal sign. You have to take note of some considerations for this game, though. Let’s just see how the practise goes first before I talk to you about the considerations, The first consideration is called void tokens. Some tokens are void and have a value of zero. So technically the right-hand side is greater than the left-hand side because number four has been cancelled out. Its value is zero. So on the left side, you only have one.

The next consideration is multipliers. It can be on a bubble. So this is two times two, four, plus one, five. Four plus one, five. So they are equal. Let’s see how it goes. All right, so they clicked equal. And then the next one it’s called a mega multiplier. It doesn’t just multiply one bubble, it multiplies all of them. So you had to take note of those as you go along this exam. And just like the Numbubbles, the faster… Not the faster, but the more you go through the exam, the faster the tokens appear, so you have to be really sharp and on your feet to identify which of them has a greater value. Again, take note of void tokens, multipliers, and mega multipliers. Here are more samples for you. Do not just randomly click on answers and hope for the best. Any incorrect answer will be taken against you, or your final score, rather.

And that’s it. That’s all of Tally Up

revelian cognitive ability test tally up

Those are all the questions for Cognify. Hope you found this video helpful. Again, to practice Cognify, go to firerecruitmentaustralia.com, log in as a member. Once inside of membership, scroll down to the aptitude engine course, click on that course, scroll down to the bottom and click on Amplify. It’s a cognitive breakdown for Cognify, and you can find four out of the six exams there and you can practice them for as long as you want. The only two exams that are not on there are Shortcuts and Gridlock. Gridlock again is similar to Tetris. Shortcuts is just similar to the red dot game where you have to help it find the exit.

So thank you so much for your time today and good luck with your exam.

I hope you have found this Revelian Cognify Practice Test Free Walkthrough video helpful and I also wish you well with the aptitude test if you’re having a crack with DFES this year.



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