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Firefighter group assessment. What to focus on, how to engage in activities and what you need to do to prepare for a firefighter group interview in each state.

FRNSW Recruitment Drive 2020

frnsw recruitment 2020

FRNSW 2020 Recruitment Drive FRNSW Recruitment 2020 A couple of days ago, FRNSW announced their recruitment schedule this coming July 2020. Amidst the Corona Outbreak, this comes as a very welcome breath of fresh air. It’s comforting to know that the lull has a definite end, at least for some of the fire services. Here’s […]

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Group Activity Assessment Highlights

VIC Group Assessment Highlights Group  Activity Assessment – Fire Services Australia Group  Activity Assessment video fundamentals – Applies across all services It has been very busy the last couple of weeks for all of us due to recruitment reaching its peak. I’m sharing more highlights on VIC Group Assessment not only for this intake’s applicants but […]

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